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2/9/2010 c2 5Little.Latina
I like this chapter, although it was short. Hope chapters to come are longer!
2/9/2010 c1 Little.Latina
I don't watch the show but I decided to start reading this story because of the amount of reviews. If a story's been reviewed so much, then it's gotta be excellent! :) I'll keep reading, I'm off to read chapter 2. The plot sounds interesting, especially 'cause since I don't know the characters or their stories everything will surprise me.
10/24/2007 c13 33DarkAngel814
really good story!
3/25/2006 c13 3TakeALookAtTheInvisibleGirl
omg no dont do that like add onto this story
3/25/2006 c6 TakeALookAtTheInvisibleGirl
the note was nice
3/25/2006 c5 TakeALookAtTheInvisibleGirl
omg that was great! i'm so gonna keep reading.
3/25/2006 c4 TakeALookAtTheInvisibleGirl
nice 1
3/25/2006 c3 TakeALookAtTheInvisibleGirl
i h8 riters block! i no how ya felt
3/25/2006 c2 TakeALookAtTheInvisibleGirl
it was a good chapter. kinda short though
3/25/2006 c1 TakeALookAtTheInvisibleGirl
cool chapter i think its worth me 2 boomark it into my favorites
12/24/2005 c13 12MY-LOVE-IS-STRONG
keep up the good work
11/24/2005 c2 amandeezy
she's only on level 3 for ballet & 2 for jazz?... but then again she did stop for a while so forget it.
10/7/2005 c12 4first-breath-after-coma
omg! i love ur story. 7th heaven is one of my favortite shows and im so happy that the new season is here...keep writing they are really good.
9/28/2005 c1 15RedLA
Great story, continue!
8/27/2005 c12 3Kiroscura
1. You have the begining of some very good character development with Caroline, but it hasn't been fully explored in your story. Try delving into her feelings over her family's death.

2. You really need to re-check a lot of your grammar, as I found an error in almost every sentence.

3. I like the overall idea of your story, but it's a little dull at the moment. It doesn't seem to have an underlying theme, except that Caroline is orphaned.

4. The story needs more description; it seems like the characters are just going through the motions of everyday life.

5. Along the lines of description, is there another way you could indicate scene changes? Instead of saying, for example, "At the hospital", you could say "We walked into the hospital." It's a small change, but it helps the flow of the story.
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