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for shadow ninja boy

7/31/2008 c7 5the dark hero of time
awsome please continue i am a huge naruto fan
6/23/2008 c1 8Dragonrails
are you going to add a lemon in this story or what if you do naruto should have it with sakura and yuki

p.s but pretty good story and funny all the way
11/28/2007 c1 naruto1x5
r u going to update the story any time soon just asking
12/28/2006 c6 scione
good fic keep it going or i'll send anko for you tell here you eat her last dango.
8/26/2006 c7 Natsuhiboshi -M5P
7/11/2006 c2 3Korry
Hey! Great story. I love it. I was planning to do a Naruto/Herem fic as well, but anyway If I were you I'd lose the Script format. It's funney, but they erraced My Yu-Gi-No for that very reason.
3/20/2006 c7 Deamon Child
Hilarious story. Cant you just make all the girls go after Naruto with Kage bushins and have one huge harem, or just make him do it with temari or Yuki. THis is the funniest fic i have read ever!(well so far as idont plan to stop reading any time soon)
2/11/2006 c7 3foust123456
and you like my story wow wat a hit tell ur beta that there funny kk peace im outtie
11/11/2005 c7 Shadow Kitsune67
LMAO. I like your story so0o0o farr. ^-~ Fics where they make Naru a pimp are always fun to read. XDD LOL kukuku...I look forward to your next update. ;)
10/28/2005 c7 ryuu

keep it going
10/26/2005 c7 4Onibi
You have a really good story here, Update soon.
10/26/2005 c7 Ranko
Heyas! =]

Funny story ya got here.

You should have all three girls get him in the end.

There is nuthin' like romantic endings that just sweep ya away. *goes starry eyed*

Anyhoo, keep up the good work. =D
10/26/2005 c7 Ice-Eagle
Interesting please do continue.
10/25/2005 c7 1cheezy-cheezy0900
Hahaha. Silly Mia din(That's WoT for those who can pick it out...) And despite what you say, I will not read all the chaps, because you'll probably make me beta again, so MNEA! ^.^ Beep. Braap. Namu. Bop... bop? Where'd bop come from? I feel oldly aged... but yea. There, I reviewed, happeh?
10/11/2005 c6 foust123456
hey asum and so on i like the hole thing and damn cant wait till next chappie bye bye (big fox grin and sweat drop
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