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for An Orange Ball with Black Stripes

2/20/2010 c3 1Luffyko
Very sweet story:)
5/15/2005 c1 42Icy Sapphire15
Hehehe, Kiaba got smacked. Are you going to do all my favorite pairings? Only reading will tell.
4/14/2005 c4 6Hikari's-dark-side-08
(bouncing around happily)WHE! A slight LLIIME! I love those! The basketball knows al! (sugar-high) Thank you for the unique response and last chapter!
4/4/2005 c3 Hikari's-dark-side-08
Hikari's DS:(eyes go really wide)Wowzas...al lot of those worked out for me, they made sense...O_O

Thank you for that entertaining quiz/thing I liked it. I'm gonna go give those caring peoples some hugs (gives you very big hug)^_^

Please updates this story/ficlet soon!
3/30/2005 c2 35Dymond
Oh! This is a really cut story! I can't believe I didn't see it before now. I really like it. You are very talented. I really enjoy how you make the basketball fit into this. It's very original and creative.

Question: Is Katrina Ryou's aunt or sister? There was one part where Ryou said How was the conversation with my sister and it just got me confused.

Oh, oh! I did the little thing with the numbers! Here we go:

1. 9

2. 8

3. Coleman

4. Lauren

5. Stephen

6. Chelsee

7. George

8. 'Gone' by Montgomery Gentry

9. 'Fall to Pieces' by Avril Lavigne

10. 'Tangled Up In Me' by Skye Sweetnam

11. 'Over' by Lindsay Lohan

Not much else I can say except keep up the good work and update please!

3/30/2005 c2 86Serah Villiers
Heh, that was quite funny at the end! Glad Kura and Ryou made up. ^.^ Fluffy and funny and great!


1. 5

2. 7

3. Lloyd

4. Sam

5. Matt

6. Tom

7. Chris

8. Just only you know

9. Suteki da ne

10. Morning Glow

11. Sen no kotoba

Interested to know what that's about...I must seem like boy-crazy...not my fault my only friends are guys! Still can't wait for the YugixYami chapter, but I'm loving the other pairings too!

3/30/2005 c2 6Hikari's-dark-side-08
Hikaris-DS:(confuzzled, but hands you a piece of paper)Here just so you know:

1) 2008

2) 42

3) Brad

4) Kristen

5) Megan

6) Ashley

7) Kenny

8) 'Addicted'

9) 'Number One'

10) 'Goodbye to You'

11) 'All you wanted'

I'm curious to know what this is about, so please update soon! Oh! And I love your one-shots! You're good at them, believe me when I say that!
3/23/2005 c1 86Serah Villiers
This is really good; I love it! I don't even usually read Seto/Jounouchi, but this was so readble...can't wait for the Yugi/Yami one though! ^.^


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