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2/2/2002 c1 Han
The poet was really great and so was the 'author junk'... *laughs*
10/7/2001 c1 allison
me and everyone else thought it was better than what *cough* mitty said *clears throat* what a .
7/16/2001 c1 15Evil Penguin
*cough* you're right *clearing throat* you shouldn't be allowed
5/30/2001 c1 Brady Too tired to sign in
::smacks you pside the head:: DON'T CRITISIZE YOUR SELF LIKE THAAAT! I loved the poem! SUGOI! ::glances to the side; blushes when she sees Kushi bawling about poor 'D-chan':: Uh..heh... Good poems, though...angsty. Alothough, I sometimes feel thatIS why Duo-chan grins so damn much...^_^~~Brady
3/27/2001 c1 48Magick
whoa...loved it! thats all I can say...totally loved it!
3/18/2001 c1 aem
Try analyzing a poem by William Carlos Williams specifically "This is Just to Say" then you won't be so hard on yourself. Sorry I am a little upset with my new essay prompt. Seriously though your poem was better then mine are. It also had a good bit on Duo and his acting the jester.
3/18/2001 c1 Katie
Don't be so hard on yourself, I think it is good!
3/18/2001 c1 Crystal
I think it was sweet! ^_^

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