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5/11 c50 1Majerus
I'm not happy about the way things ended but that's normal, I'm never happy with the ending of one of my fics. I guess I can't complain too much, I did finish it after all.
*lifts a glass in salute*
Thanks so much for this, it has been an excellent ride, full of laughs, giggles, guffaws, and snorts... and all-around entertaining. Great job!
5/11 c49 Majerus
Hermione can be a wonderful partner for Harry... as long as she is able to grow with him. Among her worse failings is the inability to see others with 'more' (not physical wealth, but rather skill, knowledge, access to knowledge, etc...) than she has without the ability to gain and 'keep even' (or maybe just a teensy bit ahead).
5/11 c48 Majerus
UPDATE SOOOOON!... erm, I mean... yeah, good chapter.
5/10 c43 Majerus
Story: Brilliant.
Omake's: Starting to give me indigestion.
5/10 c28 Majerus
I've been holding back on this guess at "pairings" for 20 chapters or so, but I think an on-again, off-again life partnership with Luna is about the only way Harry is going to hang onto anyone. His life is just too chaotic for anyone else!
5/10 c27 Majerus
Just checking in at the appointed chapter... erm, 27. Yeah.
Anyway, still loving the casual, dismissive violence done to people who fall into that all-too-real-life category: The only reason they are still alive is that it is illegal to kill them.
5/9 c26 1AlexanderTheGrey
I just love how Harry’s building his own BioWare style team.
5/9 c11 AlexanderTheGrey
Ok… I love that the head of law enforcement is the same as the one for Chocolate inspection in Switzerland.
5/9 c21 1Majerus
Instead of a Society of Potioneers, it's a Society of Travel Shop...eers?
5/9 c18 Majerus
*trying - and failing - to stop chortling randomly, even after finishing this chapter*
5/9 c17 Majerus
Just checking in.
Still giggling, regularly.
Thank you!
5/9 c13 Majerus
"You know," the man addressed his team in a low voice. "I think it's a shame that there weren't more of them here when Black arrived." The men looked at him with expressionless faces, "on the other hand he doesn't seem like the sort to stop here." He gestured towards the scene of carnage, "I'm willing to bet that we're going to find quite a few more of these in the future. I'm also willing to bet that if something like this happened again in the near future, that it would be blamed on Mr. Black."
After Dachau (Thank You for that, those that Deny should spend a week there, alone) I didn't think I would be able to laugh. Imagine my surprise when the darkest of ironies was laid out above. Open season on supremacists, with a free pass for the cops and a 'culprit' that nobody wants to accuse, but will readily give the credit. It was dark, almost disbelieving laughter, but I laughed.
and then I kept reading... and found that I was only half right. The supremacist bodies will be stacked like cordwood, but the cops will not be participating, just not objecting to the body count.
5/9 c9 Majerus
"Sir," Folochini ran towards his commander, "you're not going to believe this."

"What is it," the Praefectus Pratori closed his eyes and waited for the worst.
Or maybe this. This could be the running theme of the story!
5/9 c6 Majerus
"Sounds like the most reasonable explanation any body's come up with so far,"
This could be the running theme of your story and I freaking love it!
5/8 c12 2rb2312
Love how harry was talking about seeing the wall come down on the telly, but it got twisted into, mr back was there.

As for AN about Dumb Luck, i am fairly sure that got 5 points for that after the troll incident.
(Re-wached the film this afternoon)
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