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5/9 c9 1Majerus
"Sir," Folochini ran towards his commander, "you're not going to believe this."

"What is it," the Praefectus Pratori closed his eyes and waited for the worst.
Or maybe this. This could be the running theme of the story!
5/9 c6 Majerus
"Sounds like the most reasonable explanation any body's come up with so far,"
This could be the running theme of your story and I freaking love it!
5/8 c12 2rb2312
Love how harry was talking about seeing the wall come down on the telly, but it got twisted into, mr back was there.

As for AN about Dumb Luck, i am fairly sure that got 5 points for that after the troll incident.
(Re-wached the film this afternoon)
5/8 c11 rb2312
Harry just can not catch a break

And how dare the DE's interrupt his chocolate time.. sacrilege.

Wonder if they had the same look in their faces as wile e coyote just before gravity took over

Really hope one of them was malfoy, maybe even even belle too.

Wonder what will happen it they find out that the infamous Mr Black, was harry all along.
I think it will add to the Boy who lived legend. Harry will hate that. Will try and tell everyone it was just coincidences. But no one will believe him.
Not with multiple law inforcement agencies having official (there by factual) reports.

Looking forward to germany. Lived there in the 80' dad was british army.
5/8 c24 3Jaerskov Tempestwing
How did it take me this long to realize what you meant about General Winter? I feel slightly stupid now. That was hilarious.
5/8 c8 2rb2312
Loving how harry just out to enjoy himself, and doing innocent things is being interpreted and twisted to turn his false identity into some sort of super powerful magical james bond character
4/18 c17 renowned-warrior
Oh nice, I liked that disclaimer. Very well done.
4/18 c8 renowned-warrior
Oh this is hilarious. Absolutely brilliant.
Although a warning to those who might read this: Don't do it at night in bed while your significant other sleeps next to you. I couldn't help myself from laughing and it disturbed ny partner.
4/18 c50 Hpfanboy31800
Man what a hell of a ride. I went into this story not knowing what to expect, man did it perform. I swear I spent probably Harry’s first 3 destinations just laughing hysterically. This story was fantastic and I will most definitely be checking what else you have to offer. I really hope you do have a sequel or sequels to this. There is just so much that could be done with this world within a world you’ve created. You’re awesome!
4/17 c23 Jack T. Writer
I still have quite a few chapters to read, but I just wanted to thank you. I never knew that Harry Potter could be turned into a comedy... i didn't even know that you could write good comedy in a book, since it is harder to write it in a funny way instead of heaving some stupid funny moments in movies... thanks for proving me wrong.
An Amazing story and I will definetly recommend it.
It's like Harry was cursed with being unlucky, while also being blessed with luck... which doesn't sound completely wrong in the books either. you just cranked it up a bit more...
Thanks for this.
Though I have to say that this Fic isn't work-save... I just laughed far too much, to hide reading instead of working.
4/16 c50 K
Very enjoyable indeed. Well worth a read.
4/16 c50 Noobmaster6785
4/15 c34 K
Is there a bug in the program that allows downloads to this site, as the number of typos in your stories is incredible.
4/15 c13 K
Oh my god, I can barely stop laughing at that last paragraph!
4/10 c28 Abstract01
The only thing that could have made that passage more hilarious would have been:
" um, then would you be the Dread Pirate Wesley . . .?"
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