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3/31 c12 2JManM
I love the Legend that people are building up for his vacation alias.
3/31 c3 JManM
That was some tasty irony.
3/24 c1 Guest
Hii! The name of the country is actually the Netherlands and not Holland :)
3/22 c50 geenakmom
This was a riot and absolute joy to read! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.
3/19 c42 5huntsmanassassin
This just seems like you're trying to reference as much popular fiction as possible at this point...
3/19 c35 huntsmanassassin
Unsinkable ships come to bad ends? Ever heard of the USS Nevada? I mean yeah, it came down hard, but only after 2 nukes, several barrages of torpedoes, and getting holes finally put through it with enough bullets to sink it at last.
3/19 c34 huntsmanassassin
I'm dying of laughter over here. 16 to go
3/19 c17 huntsmanassassin
I'm unable to laugh loudly enough for this. And there's 33 MORE chapters of these SHENANIGANS?! Bring it on!
3/14 c9 3newkidintown00
I was laughing out loud reading the scene of the Italian authorities coming upon bodies of the mafia boss and his henchmen
3/11 c48 10SnuggleKitten69
Loved Lavender's charm(s)
3/11 c49 5annasfanfic
I can't wait for the last chapter!
3/11 c48 annasfanfic
Well done!
3/11 c46 annasfanfic
3/11 c45 annasfanfic
Lol great!
3/11 c44 annasfanfic
I love that Omake!
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