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for The Day The Smile Slipped

12/14/2007 c7 7black-hurt17
its a really good story, really realistic, many people think it's easy to have a mask, i often admire naruto for his.stupid people sometimes don't take no for an answer
12/11/2007 c7 AiSard
loved this fic. love the plot and general execution. wished Hinata had a larger role though =p and her 'no more' speech was a tad dramatic but ya, loved it all the same
12/7/2007 c7 PhantasmagoricBlade
Excellent! NaruHIna goodness!
12/7/2007 c6 imnofangirl
that was... deep
11/6/2007 c7 4Mama san Saki
aw...I cried in parts of it.

I love this's an understatement. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FANFICS AROUND! and it's completely changed my opinions about some of the characters! I'm about to fav...DONE!

thanks for writing this!

Oh and please can you review my story...I'm...running a bit short on reviews. *sweatdrop*
11/6/2007 c1 bi-chan
the title would make such a good song title. I'm listening to powder snow by ayumi hamasaki...its so depressing. But i love the story! It's well good! w00t!
11/5/2007 c1 3AkitaSagaraAlanya
Yo, I'm sorry but I don't have much time so I can't read your fic and give it a creative rewive, but I am adding it so that I at least can read it later, Ja Ne =)

P.S Please forgive me *boves deply while makin Hinata no poking no jutsu*
10/26/2007 c6 9Nara-chan25
AW! I love your story!
9/24/2007 c7 UNC2
This was a nice story. Its one of the many things I hope to actually see in the manga.These are just the main three.

1.) Naruto finally snaps on everybody.

2.) Naruto gets a bloodline limit.

3.)Naruto gets with Hinata.

I like the the second ending way better than the first one.
9/12/2007 c1 1Mismoree
I love these kinds of storys! either crossovers, timetravels, banisments, or dark cool naruto are my FAVES! This is so cool! Thanks you so much for writing it!
8/20/2007 c6 2SmiffyHallo
Gotta hand it to you... you make excelent stories...
8/5/2007 c7 20gogeta408
i very much enjoyed this story to bits.

Great endings.
7/8/2007 c7 14ILoveFoxes
YAY ! I love this ending ! Hinata-sama dying would have been too sad ! I have a not-so-simple request : COULD YOU PRETTY PLEASE MAKE A SEQUILE ? PLEASE ? ~ cough , cough ~ That is all , fellow writer . I cannot find a flaw .
6/24/2007 c6 2BlackRoseFire
Nice in deep way. Why did Hinata have to die? Liked it pleaes keep up the writing.
6/9/2007 c1 3Chronos guardian
I loved the story, it was so cute. give yourself a pat on the back you did great.
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