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for Azimo's Adventure

7/19/2006 c4 Kano Aegnor
LOL XD I wish I had an Abysmal Knight tanking me...
4/15/2005 c4 4Fan of Great Works
can I help you revise if ever you do?
4/15/2005 c3 Fan of Great Works
you misspelled 'casting. You punched in 'casing'.
4/15/2005 c2 Fan of Great Works
Where exactly is her house?
4/15/2005 c1 Fan of Great Works
Alfie? Where'd that come from?
4/14/2005 c3 cantlogin
Its so funny! hilariest(can't spell that word/swt). please update
4/14/2005 c4 shadow
really funny fic

i nearly died of laugther i must say

please continue
3/27/2005 c3 6asuran-73
hehe.. ur fic is kinda funny... update soon
3/27/2005 c2 1Crove

keep going!
3/26/2005 c2 1Hirvegil Gilraen
A good story but you still have a lot of grammatical errors. You had better fix them soon...thanks for reveiwing mine.

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