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2/5/2008 c6 ishka
That was a great little look into Geppetto and Yuri's first meeting and what followed. I particularly liked how you dealt with Gep finding out about Yuri's fusions.
4/12/2007 c6 48psychedelic aya
The humour scattered amidst this fanfic takes the WIN. You write Yuri so very Yuri, and his interaction with Gepetto here is so in-character that its amazing. Good job! ;)
8/21/2005 c6 16Anrixan
I really did enjoy this! It's goign to go on my favorites list...it fills in a lot of blanks that happened between I and II that weren't completely explained in II. Like I've said before...this was excellent. :)
8/21/2005 c5 Anrixan
Oh my god, the French part was hilarious. Again, very incharacter. I can picture him stuttering his way through it then swearing, just like you made him do. I took a few years of french, so as I was reading it, I knew what he was saying...and it didn't make sense. That is completely Yuri...*giggle*
8/21/2005 c4 Anrixan
Wow. TO be honest with you, although I usually lurk on the Final Fantasy sections of this site, I wanted to check out the Shadow Hearts part to see if anyoen wrote about Yuri burying Alice. I just finished playing Koudelka, SH1, and Covenant (I beat them all in about three weeks...I couldn't pry myself away from them). Anyway, this was very good. VERY in-character...especially for Yuri. He's such a badass and you wrote him perfectly. Especially the bit about leaving his wallet in his coat. That is definitely something he would do. Again, very well done.

(P.S. I am goign to read the rest by the way. I just wanted to let you know what I thought about it thus far)
5/3/2005 c6 2ffwarrioress
Wow, very nice. :) Please continue.
4/30/2005 c6 7kingleby
i love how this story has been done! i thought Yuri's way of grieving and him being secretive of being a harmonixer was great ^_^ you write him so well!
4/29/2005 c6 m14mouse
I love it. I always been a big fan of Yuri and Gep interactions. They were so funny. I haven't got a chance to play Shadow Hearts yet but I am getting it for my b-day. Keep up the great work. I hope to see more Shadow Hearts fics from you.
4/29/2005 c6 terry
This turned out to be a good lttle fic. since there is only a small amount of time between SH and SHC i was worried this was going to be a rushed job, but the characters have the right personality and the writings ood to
4/28/2005 c6 36MikoNoNyte
The only confusion I had was with this line:

-He saw the demon standing over the dead men, examining a blade protruding from its arm, which was now slick and shining with blood. - the examining the blade... is that Gep doing the examining? Cuz the subject of the sentence is the demon. o.o SELF-examining? XD

This turned out really good, and you got over the depressing part that bugged you too. You managed to incorporate game mechanics (Crests & their usage) with the story and Gep turns out not half bad an old fart. Yuri's opinion of him is hilarious.

Good addition. And congratulations on your "good" week - *am still dancing for joy for you!*
4/24/2005 c5 MikoNoNyte
Picturing Yuri, in white face, miming his fusing to Amon, wiping out a platoon of German soldiers, and "you have nothing to fear"... while Gep laughs is old ass off on the floor of the church.

Bonjour. Mon nom est Yuri Hyuga et je suis un imbécile totalement aliéné. Je ne connais pas mon âne d'un trou dans la terre, et je vais probablement obtenir chacun ici tué, mais diable ! Vous vivez seulement une fois, à moins que vous soyez un vampire et Keith n'indiquait jamais s'il pourrait se ressusciter ou pas. Oh bien, m'a juste laissé frapper les soldats et vous peut me payer avec du vin, femmes et l'OH, un peu de pain serait gentil - la sorte de dépense.

Et avec le ce, Miko a fait son devoir à l'égide et passé en revue * des courses loin * (I think I got that right hahahah!)
4/24/2005 c4 MikoNoNyte
Callous. I don't know, not callous, nor insensitive - more like untrained in the art of sympathy.

o.o That image of Yuri in the rain, looking up and speaking to Alice... I flashed back to a young Squall intoning "Elle, I'm all alone, but I'm doing just fine..." *spooky!* And I still say he wrapped Alice in "the special coat" ... his FATHER'S coat... that would be special. I don't think that a much patched, dirty, bloody and stinky trench coat worn every day 24/7 from China to Zurich would have been classified as "special"... unless it got up and walked into the grave by itself... which it probably could!

And the perfect ending to a perfect chappy: Old geezer, acho and shaddup. Perfect ^^.
4/24/2005 c3 MikoNoNyte
"Lively was an understatement," - yup, Yuri's one of the few people in the world that doesn't seem to need coffee in the morning. ^.-; well, that is, when he finally gets UP in the morning... morning being for him the time he gets up. Does that make sense? XD He lives on Indian Time.

And with him leaving out pertinent pieces of the puzzle, he's driving Gep crazy. Which would explain why Gep drives him right back. And I really like his reaction to the doll.
4/23/2005 c2 MikoNoNyte
ok, some loon claims that your niece was kill by a curse put on by some mask thingies in your brain. Yup, you'll believe him, right?

I actually liked the cane to the gut, eyes flying open. Can't wait to see how the old man takes that this guy isn't exactly normal... well as normal as any guy with red eyes and a corps.
4/22/2005 c5 14Seizalyn

I'm SO glad I wasn't drinking anything while reading your author's note. I haven't sputtered and laughed like that in quite a while!

And to read all those lovely French words across the screen... only to end with a simple "shit." on Yuri's part! ^^;; That just made me laugh.

And I just have to say, really love your Yuri. It's as if he jumped right out of the game itself and made himself at home on your fanfics. Truly, I applaud you! Nautilus could've used your ideas when coming up with a past for Geppetto and Yuri, that's for sure.

Looking forward to seeing the next chapter, and Geppetto's reaction to the fusions!
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