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for Coming Out of the Broom Closet

7/21/2019 c11 Guest
This fic is so confusing, I get the premise but the delivery is terrible, hate it.
5/16/2011 c16 8Lyra124
Wait, wait, wait. I just want to sort out a couple things. Does GINNY or MINERVA have cancer? and I though hermione's crush was Minerva. and why would molly weasly be angry at ginny? and why does ginny think she's a failure? and also, What are the pairing? It's Minerva/Hooch and Hermione/Ginny right? or is it Minerva/Hermione? I'm really kinda confused right now.

Anyway, it's a really interesting story and I'm just going to put this on review alert for the time being...

Please update soon! Dont forget!

-Lyra XD
7/11/2010 c16 2Darkshadow-lord
Interesting Chapter! I look forward to reading the next!
7/9/2010 c16 aaaaaaaaamfjghjfj
Dude! Poor McGonagall! But I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
6/19/2010 c16 54Refreshingly Original
Awesome, and please do continue with this story.

Keep up with the great writing.

6/18/2010 c16 caradens
excellent eagerly awaiting more brilliant updates thanks
2/21/2010 c16 Mrs.ToriSnape
hm, im def interested in reading more...kinda reminds me of my friends coming out.
2/21/2010 c16 Galandria
well i whut like to se the end of this story and i can live whit a big jump in the story...
4/13/2009 c15 54In-betweens
Well...either this crush will turn out over the summer or it'll burn out and she'll have a crush on someone else in her sixth year. (shrug) I don't know...you have to come back and tell me what happens. (smile) Please?

Great chapter. Amazing story. Please come back when you can.
4/13/2009 c14 In-betweens
Wow...so no longer Ginny but Parvati. (shrug) I still see it somehow going back to Minerva but then I don't because they're too good as friends. (smile) I wonder what happened for it to no longer be Ginny. Please concider coming back to this story. I know its been a long while but if you ever did decide to come back I'd love to read what happens.
4/13/2009 c13 In-betweens
Well...the jealousy thing might work, then again it might not. (shrug) I hope it works or Hermione finds someone that's more deserving of her love. (smile) The fact that Minerva is such close friends with both of them, and willing to keep Ginny's talk a secret is great. The fact that she is constantly picking on Hermione is also great. (smile) As for Harry's comment about a cold shower...hehe...that was amusing.
4/13/2009 c12 In-betweens
Well I'm glad that the friendship between Hermione and Minerva has stayed strong. That scene with them hiding from Filtch was great! I hope that Minerva is wrong and that Ginny isn't leading Hermione on. (sigh) Guess we'll find out. If you can, please come back to this story. It is wonderfully funny.
4/13/2009 c11 In-betweens
Well, the fact that Ginny's not even willing to give it a go is saddening. After all it took for Hermione to actually figure out it was Ginny she loved, Ginny isn't even giving her a chance. (sigh)
4/13/2009 c10 In-betweens
She did have a crush on Ginny! But it's over? Dang...that was a sure way for her to well...get over her cursh on Minerva. (shrug) Guess we'll see what happens now.
4/13/2009 c9 In-betweens
She really does need to stop this crush. As much as I don't like agreeing with Ron...he's right. I hope talking with Cho and Katie helps her.
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