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for Scooby Doo meets the Scoobies

7/20/2019 c15 JimmnyCricket
ah man... no more of this wonderful story? come on...
2/18/2008 c15 7Taeniaea
great story!
3/3/2006 c15 13Thebobthing
1/6/2006 c15 46ozma914
Don't speed the story up too much - we'll miss all the fun. (Dawn drooling. *snicker*)
1/5/2006 c14 ozma914
Nice to hear from you again! And sorry about your problems ... I've been there, myself. Good update (it was cool to see Giles in Ripper mode), and I'm looking forward to more.
12/28/2005 c15 Sean Malloy-1
Can't wait to read more,m please keep up the good work and try to update this stry as soon as possible.

-I take it the shit may hit the fan soon. Please reply to this
12/28/2005 c15 Allen Pitt
Ah, Chao A... I hope Giles draws a bunch of illustrations soon and freaks somebody out... Daphne? ...

Maybe...maybe it IS Elvis? ... All the urban legends are true-he's a vampire now...
8/16/2005 c13 ozma914
I'm really enjoying your story, so far. Any quibbles I might have, such as Shaggy's last name or my doubt that someone with Giles' experience would just faint away, even in the face of a talking dog, are minor ones. It's a fun, fast paced story, and I'm still impressed by the backstory you invented for the Scooby Doo gang.
8/16/2005 c10 ozma914
Having Scooby turned by a vengeance demon and Shaggy be his brother was a work of genius - it sure explained a lot, including why they hang with Velma and why they traveled around ...
8/16/2005 c4 ozma914
I'm sorry it took so long for me to come across this story. It's an idea I'm sure many of us have thought of from time to time, but your version is great. I'm glad and a bit amazed that you managed to bring the Scooby gang, even including Scooby, into Sunnydale without making them cartoonish. The idea of them being real people who were turned into a cartoon was a clever way to explain the name of the OTHER Scooby gang. I'm quite sure things will only get more interesting from here, but since I'm several chapters behind I won't make predictions.
8/15/2005 c13 SiriusSpikeLover
Awesome chapter! You absolutly ROCK!
8/13/2005 c13 Sean Malloy-1
I cannot wait to read more, please try to update as soon as you are able to
8/12/2005 c12 9GlassSplinter
Yipe! Hiarious! Laughed out loud! Especially the last sentence where Giles faints. But you would think that Giles, being a watcher, had seen stranger things than speaking dogs...
7/13/2005 c12 SiriusSpikeLover
Please make it Shaggy/Willow! Write more and update soon:)

7/13/2005 c12 Sean Malloy-1
can't wait for more, please update as soon as you are possibly able to
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