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1/12/2015 c12 2Chilami Lynn
no no no no no no no no! frieza raping gohan is too intense. please don''t make that happen. Frieza totally disgust me! rapin an 11 year old child is just... way more wrong than raping someone your own age. Well there is not much difference but...
4/26/2010 c12 UmbraLucisCaelum
This is a great story!

But how could Friza do something like that to the poor little Gohan!

I really hope Gohan can escape and be together with his Daddy und Mom and Friza will be in Jail forever!

And I hope Piccolo can help Gohan somehow to escape

But I really want to know If Goku and ChiChi will do when they find out that Friza had raped Gohan...

I really hope that you will update a new Chapter

I want to know how it ends...
9/2/2006 c1 47Goku's Daughter
I forgot to say in the last review.. email me when you update! thanks!
9/2/2006 c12 Goku's Daughter
OMG... that is sick... but I have done worse in Sinful (though not posted yet)... so I can't really... like..complain...

But again... the question remains if he really could rape someone if he is missing that apendage...hn
9/2/2006 c11 Goku's Daughter
Haha painted their skin GREEN!
9/2/2006 c10 Goku's Daughter
I like the Piccolo and gohan interaction!
9/2/2006 c9 Goku's Daughter
Ew thats nasty...to be married to Freiza... at least he can't rape her... it doesn't look like he has a penis... . lol...
9/2/2006 c8 Goku's Daughter
Yeeah, to protect her family it does seem like something she'd do...
9/2/2006 c7 Goku's Daughter
Freiza's the bitch that drew them apart :| - Off to next chapter
9/2/2006 c6 Goku's Daughter
Hmm... I smell blackmail and threats... someting dangerous... but Goku could probably deal with him... since he's like the most strongest man, right?
9/2/2006 c5 Goku's Daughter
The dentist part with Vegeta was good! Fuh-knne! =D
9/2/2006 c4 Goku's Daughter
The part where Goku comes and picks up Gohan reminds me of that movie with Hugh Jackman and John Travolta and Halley... SWORDFISH! When Hugh Jackman picks up the daughter and the police comes after him! THE POLICE ShoulD GO AFTER GOKU! No im jokin...
9/2/2006 c3 Goku's Daughter
...stripper situation ! :|

I'll just go to the next chapter...
9/2/2006 c2 Goku's Daughter
I stumbled upon this story when I was going to inform you another chapter of Sinful was out (well two since you last updated) and if you would like to read again... or care to... but then.. I got side-tracked reading this story, which I will to 12. I am curious to why she left.. and why she is cold to Goku in the first chapter *eye twitches*

*goes to next chapter*
5/22/2006 c12 9GabberJabber



*takes a moment to compose her thoughts*


*Gasp* (finally starts beathing again)

OMG! you updated!Thank you!

OMG!Frezia's GAY!

wait is Fezia a guy or a girl...or BOTH?

OH my poor Gohan-chan! you'r having him...you can't do...Piccolo will come at the last minute and save him right?...He's eleven!

Damn you'r evil.

Ohh I got it Frezia's a she/he or as they are called in my school shim's*!


Gohan's a guy and eleven and adorable and the love of my life!Opps didn't mean to let that last one slip=^.^=

But he is ,he just doesn't know it yet.

OMG Frezia you ass you stole my Gohan-chan's first kiss.

and your going to...to...to...it's to evil to say!

Piccolo shame on you!I thought you liked Gohan-chan! you had beter go save him or your going to have a nicely violent chat with my good friend Mr. FRYING PAN OF DOOM!


but really please don't let Frezia...'you know' my poor Gohan-chan!

*pulls out the extermly adorable and un-refuseablely sad puppy-dog eyes*

Pretty please with a cherry on top!

Ohh well that's all for now.


The extremely sad and depressed Emi-chan

P.S. the word comes from the words she and him put together. watch this "she + he = shim". ^.'
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