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for Purity 4: Justification

5/3/2014 c48 1kagome past and present
I thought Gin would have her own stories like the others /: wish it was like that. I lovveeeee all of your stories but this one is just a bit too much Kichiro and Belle, it's always less Cain and Gin and thats super sad!): they are so cute.
10/28/2008 c78 o.0kiLLingLoneLynes0.o
HEY um i LOVE your storys but i just have a lil question... WERES THE CONTINUATION! lol i mean for cain and gin? like is there one or am i missing sumthing here? @? pls message me back at ^_^ also OMG I SERIOUSLY DO LOVE YOUR STORIES XD heheheeh they have been...a pleasure to follow lol well ya ^^ ciao
12/19/2007 c78 16Kamen Disguise
...arg. :( lovely story, but it's sad that it stopped so soon... aw... no final ending... i can already see that you're not going to continue very soon, considering you've already finished chronicles and this was last updated in 05. :( oh well... it was good while it lasted.
1/23/2007 c78 Ookami No Taisho Of The Wolves
HELLO! i just made me a page so i can talke to you i really enjoyed your purity series i went to media miner and i must say...impressive i really like Kich, Ryo, Toga, Gin, Bellenice, and most of all Sydnye but ill ttyl ITS 9:44PM her

The Hand Of Life Is Delt Only But Once

-Ookami No Taishou-
11/1/2006 c46 lady anonymous
This is the second time I've read this story. Actually, before this, I read Chronicles and Purity for the second time as well. Your work never ever ceases to entertain me, no matter how many times I read it. :D I absolutely love it. I usually don't review because I'm too eager to see what's going to happen next, but I just had to tell you that the 'bumps' and 'pee-pee' part made me absolutely hysterical. Especially the pee-pee part. Did your mother actually call them that? My mom called it a 'wee-wee.' XD
8/22/2006 c40 2RmGuccione
Holy crap!

Wow! That scene with Gin and Cain was absolutely amazing!
8/19/2006 c33 RmGuccione
Bevelle, Maine? Is that real or are you just a Final Fantasy fan? (grin)

Moose and Squirrel? Are you a Rocky and Bullwinkle fan, or an X-Files fan? (bigger grin)

What fun!
8/18/2006 c27 RmGuccione
Men's pocky is tasty stuff!

My favorite is still Pocky G! WOO!
6/15/2006 c1 Chva
I read Purity 5 and would like to ask a question about Sydnie's Parent's death. You have them die of an Earthquake in Florida, I do belive that thats imposible, due to the fact that there are no tectonic plates near Florida to cause an earthquake like that. So please send me a reason for the earth quake in florida cause I was very confused about it.
5/18/2006 c74 Minervagirl
Ahh...poor fanpoodles let me inform you of some things the reason why most people can't find there wellwritten reviews on MediaMiner is because and I qoute.

SUERIC:"I like fairies. I like magic. I like unicorns and dragons and being in my happy place ... One thing I don't like ... I DISCOURAGE UNSOLICITED CRITIQUE ... Unsolicited critiques will be summarily ignored. Writing is VERY personal to me. I write for myself. I post for those who appreciate it."

Everything below a 10 is considered a FlAME and the mods at mediaminer will defend there BNF untill the end so don't you even dare complaining about it.
4/30/2006 c78 25Dark Inu Fan
so I have to go all the way to mediaminer (which hates me) to read the rest of the story? that's not fair! I was wondering where you went anyway. it's a good thing my mom stopped reading over my shoulder a LONG time ago with fanfics, or I'd be in deep trouble with this and many other fics (including brushing trouble with my own...). well, keep up the good work anyway, dark
3/21/2006 c78 11loveaswellashateforever
ok i just got finish reading the whole thing the whole 110 chapters, phew it took me a while and again it was worth it great job, i really think the whole thing about the balls part is hilarious, great input~yasha out~
3/8/2006 c58 eternalkisses
Hi, I love your new series of InuYasha fanfictions. They're fucking awesome, haha. But I'm having a little trouble finding the lime stories ^_^;;

could you direct me through it? your instructions on the fanfiction page arent clear enough.

2/26/2006 c78 SayuriAuthor
It will never cease to amaze me how you can write such beautiful fanfictions. I hope you'll never stop: but when someone threatens your kids...that's low. I will not blame you if you stop because I know you'll have good reason. And it would be selfish of me to ask you to continue in such an event.

Your fanfictions are beautiful, touching, entertaining, active, just plain...awesome. Anyone wwho would be a critic to your stories couldn't possibly be a good author, nor know what one is.

I hope you don't allow the plagiarist or critics out there allow you to feel bad about your stories, or persuade you not to write. In a way, I believe you were born to write. YOu should always write, even if it is not fanfictions.


SesshouMaru's Kitty
2/24/2006 c78 6XxXCatareinaXxX
Well why don't you notify the admin? the o0nly reason she's not off this site is because no one reported her, did they?
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