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for Zero 2: Housemates

9/18/2018 c18 9JurgenZero2034
I'm just curious, though. Will Seiji Waya ever become a major threat or will he be fodder at best?
5/20/2015 c27 QueenoftheFlames04
Okay. This was a kinda better. Before I give you my take on this, I apologize for being harsh in my previous comment on another story you made. I just got out of hand and if Davis is your favorite character, fine with me I respect your opinion! I guess your takes on the Digimon series is different from mine. You should continue writing fan fics if you desire.

About this fic, I thought this was kinda funny and really cool!

Favorite Chapter: the beginning
Favorite Humor Chapter: The ending I guess
Favorite Inoue Character: Momoe
Favorite Prank: Oh, that's a hard one.
Favorite OC: Daichi Etsuya

9/29/2012 c13 Guest
I understand what Cody means there, how would digimon react to just Hitler, searial killers and terrorists?
10/1/2011 c10 Dragonrider04

I get that it was a dream...



No seriously, WTF?
11/6/2010 c1 4Hero Of The Hazard
[Author's Notes: BWAHAHAHA! My evil knows no limits…and how many of you thought it would take weeks for this to come out? ;D]


The Author is more evil than any digimon...


-Backs away-
10/20/2010 c14 6UltimaDragon88
star wars reference. YAY!
4/9/2009 c10 Citizen Grimm
Four years later this chapter is still funny. God, I love you Zero 2 universe.

...has it really been four years? Eh, I feel old suddenly.
11/9/2008 c27 4the21stMartian
well, I gotta say, although there were no evil digimon this was a humorous story and I look forward to reading your next few stories to catch up, then I can start heckling with you about updating faster...'till then!
11/9/2008 c14 the21stMartian
hm...I wonder, what could the theme in those titles be...it couldn't be Star Wars could it?
11/9/2008 c13 the21stMartian
Impmon's champion form was a nice touch...oh and this "Mr. Bishop" wouldn't happen to be the same one mentioned at the end of Zero 2 Revision would it?
4/14/2008 c27 king who
Damn...took me far too long to finish this story. Oh well, that's what I get for going on vacation.

Fav. Ch: Costume contest part 2

Fav. Humor chap: The dream one. Most awesomeness thing ever

Fav. Inoue: Momoe

Fav. prank: Yolie sent to Kens room

Fav. OC: The Female rocketeer

Now I'm off to catch up to the other fics...
3/31/2008 c10 king who
WTF? This was by all means the most awesomeness chapter yet. This beats out even the one where Kari beat darkheart. Funny, just yesterday I finally watched the Beatles Yellow submarine and this chapter reminded me of that. What were you one when writing this? Whatever it was, sell it on the streets and you'll be rich.

And the Mary sue...was that poking fun at Shaun? Either way, I can't believe Davis impregnated the four girls...and quickly. Then there was Darkheart who appeared just to give this chapter some significance .
3/3/2008 c27 5Ikaru Kakou
Muahahahahaha. I actually finished it in a single day. Then again, the chapters were a lot shorter and a lot less of them.

But excellent writing anyway, espescially... Episode Eleven I believe? Whichever one was horridly wrong. I got the impression that Mrs. Inoue used LSD in her Miso Soup for a while there from how trippy the dream was. Then I realized she wouldn't use that. Just some evil soybeans grown deep in the Amazon Rainforest by an Insane Asylum.

But I have to ask (and having not read past Housemates yet I wouldn't know if it occurs), when do Davis and Kari hook up? Honestly, I may be a huge Takari supporter and all, but when the author establishes the relationships I expect to see them! (Nothing against your shipping btw, just always got a more TK and Kari than Davis and Kari impression. Always saw Davis marrying some non-digidestined.)
1/27/2008 c27 Martiny
Nice! I laughed to much I almost killed myself...no really... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Anyway, So Funy! *Laughs self to death* *another person finishes review* Well its official, ur story has killed her, dont worry no charges will be held. Well enjoy writing your Fanfics.
11/22/2007 c10 11Hourou shunketsu
WHats this script your talking about? And how would it even get you reported? (Probably isnt enough to do so but you got mad at it)
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