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9/1/2007 c10 11RagingDragon04
O.0... what in the name of...

W-what is this?

This chapter creeped me out... (shivers) Too much weirdness... to many character out of line...

Girls who are 13- 16 pregnant?...(shivers) what is wrong with you!

Gah! I must read on...

The only part that made sense was Darkheart... Everything else (rock back and foward) must erase... must erase...(starts sucking thumb) Happy Place Happy Place Happy Place...


Lol just kidding... although I have to admit that chapter was outright weird... well... laters.
9/1/2007 c6 RagingDragon04
Dang you TK!

Dang you!

I think davis should absorb Imperialdramon Fighter mode to acsend to Holy Knight Mode... that would surely beat TK...

Then again... something is bound to happen now... sorry but I feel that somehow Yolei is going to activate 'her' Holy Armor... am I right... I guess I'll find out right now...
9/1/2007 c3 RagingDragon04
Can I see that bottle of pepper spray real' quick?... Err.. sure..

(Spreads self) Gah! T-thank you...


Nice Humor lol... its hard moving on for Davis... poor guy...

Well Time to continue
8/31/2007 c2 RagingDragon04

Saddy sad sad...

Poor Poor baby... he has to learn of letting things go... so his parents are dead... so what? Move on already, they are giving him a chance to remake his life... thought its with the girl who annoys him to the ends of the world.

Well... thats pretty much it... carrying on...
8/31/2007 c1 RagingDragon04
...Hahaha... Hahahahaha

Davis and Yolei in unison: Waa!

I would have imagined more of a 'Davis' face paled... as Sasuke hugged him. Hey little dude, welcome to the family. As Yolei walked in. Then her father would say, Yolei meet your new little brother. Davis' face paled even more, the same thing could be said of Yolei as a small gust past by moving their hair around.

Then out of nowhere they both fainted screaming 'NO!'

Well this is a long story so.. laters.
8/28/2007 c6 11Hourou shunketsu
ZOMG! Kari should know better! Inuyasha isnt a cartoon! Its an anime...both are completely different!
8/28/2007 c4 Hourou shunketsu
Oh...so the things in the western movies are called tumbleweed...interesting...I learn something new everyday!
8/27/2007 c3 Hourou shunketsu
I guess since Davis is still a pre teen he isnt interested in seeing a girl naked...but the pepper spray part was pretty funny...
6/23/2007 c27 29EroPrincess
A great ending to this story. Although...somewhat predictable.

Fave Chapter: The Prankster Strikes Back. The Kenolie scene was just TOO funny!

Fave Humor Chapter: The Trouble with Fangirls. That girl's loud outburst about Davis'...mishap was too much!

Fave Inoue Character: Neither, really. (shrugs) All of them had a different role in the story, but neither sister/brother really just...got to me like that.

Fave Prank: Definiately the prank Davis did on Yolei in Chapter 23...particularly the "nude" scene.

Fave Original Characters: The Female Rocketeers
6/23/2007 c26 EroPrincess
This chapter was probably the funniest yet! "You're that guy who got hit in the nuts!" I was probably laughing for a good two minutes!
6/23/2007 c25 EroPrincess
I was cracking up so HARD when the Female Rockets called their meeting. So...they consider a First Kiss is equevilant to taking someone's "innocence", eh? They want Yolei kidnapped for THAT? I could only imagine what they would've done to her if they knew about the uh...nudity pranks! (cringe at the thought)

Davis, Davis, Davis...he's never going to get any rest. He just keep finding himself being the butt of all of the other pranks! Even though they're accidental. I can't wait to see how this turns out in the end!
6/23/2007 c24 EroPrincess
Yes, I'll agree that Bush isn't a racist. It was more than just Black people who were affected from Katrina, and being a Black woman myself, I was competely offended by Kanye West's remark when he said that "Bush does not like Black people".

But I suppose the reason why so many people were against Bush was because he was on vacation when the disaster happened, and he didn't really try to do anything about it until his vacation was nearly over! I mean, I understand that it's impossible for a person to be in two places at once, but when a disaster that great strikes your country, as President, which is more important: rest and relaxation, or seeing to the safety of your people?

But enough with the political mumbo-jumbo. Politics isn't really my thing, anyway. I was just stating my opinion on the matter due to your A/N's at the beginning of this chapter. I highly doubt were going to agree on the subject, anyway.

It was nice to see Davis and Kari interact with each other. And I was pleasantly surprised with Mr. and Mrs. Inoue's conversation with Davis...of course they DID set him up with the Torture Cola. But that wasn't enough in my opinion! LoL!

And what a surprising ending to this chapter! Ninjamon? Again, yet another character I completely forgotten about!

I forgot to mention this for Chapter 18: Davis doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom...EW!
6/23/2007 c5 3zackubernerdcondon
this story is like therapy after revision. i love it. the time line thing is like trunks
6/23/2007 c23 29EroPrincess
My heart goes out to Yolei! It's one thing to wake up on top of a mountian, but it's another to have the guy of your dreams see you topless...and to him him NAKED! Wait...is that really such a BAD thing? (Thinks it over) Okay, no it's not, but Ken's reaction afterwards was funny, though.

I hope Yolei do EVERYTHING Davis did to her and more! He SO deserves it!
6/23/2007 c22 EroPrincess
This was a very twist to the story. We had more insight to Momoe's character. But I'm ready for the pranks, now! LoL! I can't WAIT for Yolei to get Davis back for that stunt!
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