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6/22/2007 c21 29EroPrincess
That was the absolute...WORST! OMG! I can't believe Davis is capable of such...WOW! I'd never thought I'd say this because she's FAR from my fave character...but YOLEI SHOULD REALLY GET HIS ASS GOOD! I hope she does, too! It'll serve him right for jumping to conclusions about the powder!
6/22/2007 c20 EroPrincess
I can EASILY party with Impmon and DemiDevimon all night! They know how to have FUN! It would've been great if they had a female to tag along with them...perhaps someone like BlackGatomon?

Anyway, (sighs) Davis always seems to get the short end of the stick, doesn't he? I almost wish their was not going to be any more pranks...but then again if there were no more pranks, it wouldn't be a story!

(Hurries off to read the next chapter)
6/22/2007 c19 EroPrincess
Hacking a woman's hair is practically a Federal offense! I can't believe Davis actually did that just to get back at her! And showed pictures, too? It's a good thing Ken didn't see any of them. "The Digimon Emperor Was Here"? There's no telling what Ken would have done to retaliate!
6/22/2007 c18 EroPrincess
I don't EVER wanna get on Chizuru's bad side! :P But seriously, this chapter was a nice change from the prank chapters! And Futa made an appearance, too? That was SWEET! Those guys got exactly what they deserved, even though Chizuru was beginning to act like them too, just to get vengence. Oh, well, glad the pranks are back on!
6/22/2007 c17 EroPrincess
Yolei got him GOOD! The underwear thing was CLASSIC! Damn, Davis, he DOES have amazing willpower! I can't wait to see what he has in store for her next.
6/22/2007 c16 EroPrincess
Impmon cracks me up! He's so freakin' cute! Dachi's lucky to have him as a Digimon!

Can't wait to see what Yolei has in store for Davis! He really, REALLY deserves it!
6/22/2007 c15 EroPrincess
All I can say is...I was wrong BIG TIME! Star Wars? (I'm probably the only person on Earth who hasn't seen it.) I only chose the Nerds movies becasue one of the titles was Revenge of the Prankster...so I immediately thought of Revenge of the Nerds! :D

Davis SO deserves his tail whooped for that! If I was Yolei I wouldn't even TRY to get even...I'll just beat him to a bloody pulp!

First it was the "Kick Me" sign, then the milk in the shampoo bottle, and if I didn't think the pics of her as a fat, browine-eating woman and Ken weren't embarassing enough, then the frog guts and mud-butt REALLY did it! It's a wonder how she'd even be able to show her face in school the next day!

Poor Impmon...uh, oh...
6/22/2007 c14 EroPrincess
I liked how they first met: Hate at First Sight! That was cute! And a Power Rangers soap sculpture? LMAO! My guess is the next chapters' inspiration came from the Nerds movies? I could be WAY off, though.
6/22/2007 c13 EroPrincess
And what a great way to end that saga. Of course the "war's" not over, but at least it's a start.

I'm also glad that the rest of the Digidestined stood up as well. It seems like they've only got each other, now. I just hope that things will come together soon for the rest of the people.

It looks like Daichi and Impmon has friends, now. I liked Impmon's Champion form. Will there be any chapters that feature his Mega form, too?
6/22/2007 c12 EroPrincess
This chapter made me think of all of the segregation Blacks endured from living in the South. I just felt so bad for Veemon and Davis! And the fact that his fellow Digidestined didn't want to get involved just made me feel even worse. If anyone should understand what Davis is going through, it'll be them. But it's difficult trying to set an example and send a message without worrying about how people will precieve you.

And I was even more shocked when Daichi intervened. I just KNEW if Davis really tried he could've taken on that big bully! But hopefully Daichi will give that orange-haired bastard what-for!
6/22/2007 c11 EroPrincess
Oh, man Daichi. I like his character and how you explained why he's the way he is. He comes from a neglectful environment so it's only natural that he's alone, and he feels the need to be alone. The same goes for Impmon. Those two are perfect for each other. I just hope that later throughout the chapters they'll eventually become friends. And hopefully, Daichi's parents will see what they've been doing to their son.
6/22/2007 c10 EroPrincess
You're a lot better than me for not wanting to report this person in. I pretty much feel the same way since the NC-17 ban. Being limited to write without exploring your imagination all the way hurts.

But on to the chapter.

The Mary Sue...man, I just kept picturing Kagome from InuYasha the entire time! She has got to be the biggest Mary Sue ever created...with Chi from Chobits following at a close second!

But I liked the chapter nonetheless. Especially when the girls all stated that they were 9 months pregnant...within a matter of 50 minutes! How in the HECK? Either Davis is REALLY potent, or he's just REALLY, REALLY down on his luck! LoL!
6/22/2007 c9 EroPrincess
This was a sweet chapter. Although Davis still has a lot of adapting to do, it seems that slowly, but surely he's going to get along just fine. And I'm mad at myself because I just realized that he IS the only Digidestined to bare his crest on his skin! I don't know what I never realized that as I was reading Revision.
6/22/2007 c8 EroPrincess
Red Lobster exquisite? Wow! That's a first! LoL! And Gigli as their romantic movie of choice? It seemed like their first date was doomed from the start! I was laughing so bad during their dinner, and when Davis uh...announced his...displeasure...of the movie.

But towards the end it was nice. Normally I don't try to look up songs that are mentioned in stories, but for this one I went on esnips . com and was pleasantly surprised. I remembed the song from the Kingdom Hearts commercial, and today was my first time listening to it all the way. I have to say that it was nice, it fit the mood in the park between Jim and Jun perfectly.

Again, I felt bad for Davis when he started comparing Jun and Jim's date to his fantasies of Kari.

But in the end he got exactly what he deserved. Spying is bad, even though his intentions were good.
6/22/2007 c7 EroPrincess
Something tells me Ken and Yolei are going on their first date, either that or it's Jim and Jun. But I'm probably late on the cookie, anyway.

The dude streaking was funny as hell! It's a wonder why no one had a camera, or at least a camera phone!

And I can't believe TK and Davis knocked each other out! How crazy is that? The ending was sweet, too. She gave him her trophy! But I don't blame her for keeping the money!
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