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1/7/2003 c1 LadyStarlight
Great, this story is beautiflu and the wording..oh god what pictures! Write some more please!
3/14/2002 c1 Brooke
This is a great story. Please continue it.
12/30/2001 c1 Blue Moon
This is so cool!Make chpt.2 already!
12/27/2001 c1 4DarkDragonFemale
this is so good keep going please i just love trowa/serena fics next 2 heero/serena fics they r my faves please keep going
10/6/2001 c1 Mage Kou
Wrie more i LOVE this pairing but it should be Heero and Serena! Any way i love it More MORE MORE!
7/9/2001 c1 16DT Maxwell
**leans back in chair and props feet on desk** beautiful. excellant wording. and my favorite couple, too! not many Serena/Trowa flicks out there... anywho, the desripction is beautifully done. i had a perfect picture done in my mind. **shakes head** absolutally beautiful. wish there were more authors like that out there. i can't wait till the next chapter comes out. it's been awhile since the fic came out and i'm dieing to read the next chapter. excellant work. just beautiful...
6/3/2001 c1 PhoenixMageFire
How cool! Please, continue.
5/23/2001 c1 D.A
That was so good. I love how you portrayed them all in here, especially Heero. Great first part so hurry up with the next one.
3/22/2001 c1 3Kiran
That was great. I can just see Heero like that :stares dreamily at wolf-Heero:. Wow...Hurry with the next part pweese.
3/21/2001 c1 Ame
3/21/2001 c1 3Kai-chan kaigan13
It's so cool! Write more!
3/20/2001 c1 19Anime Princess
I'M LOVING IT! The wording is so awesome! It paints GREAT pictures! I like how Heero is a child of the Moon and how he was a wolf then transformed into a man! I like the tear shaped stars too!



Love ya,

3/20/2001 c1 lady Love
I loved it! Thank you! I love the little dedication *grins*. I hope to see it updated soon.
3/19/2001 c1 Chibi Hoku
I want more! Pretty please?
3/19/2001 c1 8PrincessLesse
I like it so far. I hope you continuez soon. I read some of the playboy moon stuff. ::grin::

So, uh... is this gonna end up like that? I iz just wondering. Well, ja ne, ~*~LessE~*~
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