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for Pure Desecration

2/15 c1 Guest
Fun what if parody Happy April fools day indeed
LUV_ANGEL (offline reading revisited)
5/12/2014 c1 3BlackMagicRose7
Wow what a great short story even if the whole family was out of their minds!
12/29/2012 c1 Maya
3/8/2009 c1 2SimplyIndefinable1992
what the hell?
1/26/2008 c1 9blueangel326
at first i was like "what the fu-?" and then, as i read it and realized what was going on, i couldn't help but laugh my butt off. sueric, you are the awesomest! i just started reading your stories again, starting with Purity 3: Forever, and i remember how much i EAT your fanfics up with ecstasy! long live the authoress of Inuyasha fandom!
11/22/2007 c1 1OooO.AngelicChaos.OooO
...wow, that was one of the bloodiest chain reactions i've ever read in my life!...but i find it sorta weird that rin is the daughter of sesshomaru and crap, but not a bad job!
4/22/2007 c1 12GuessWho25
I am so confused and lost
3/8/2006 c1 11loveaswellashateforever
this was soo funny i think, wow that was great ! ~yasha out~
12/19/2005 c1 purpletutu
Wow...just wow... IT WAS AWESOME! Nice (if grotesque) imagery.
11/9/2005 c1 1inappropriate laughter
o_O *blinks* That was -insane-. Whoa. *dazed* But...hey! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...take advantage of every opportunity present, ne? *thinks of what she just said* Omfg. *dies laughing*
9/22/2005 c1 TheJusta
that was pretty stupid and pointless and why did inuyasha kill kagome
9/4/2005 c1 4lil-epad
That was helarius!
8/15/2005 c1 ForeverForgottenPast
My first thought is..."=O" But thats funny stuff! You forgot to kill off Shippos kids though haha..suppose you gotta leave SOMEONE . Oh and I forgot to say Sesshomaru isnt a bastard anymore (from purity 2)
8/15/2005 c1 JLaimleys

8/7/2005 c1 1AsphyxiatedRomance
OMG! That was horrible but somehow hilarious. I must really have a twisted humor. LOL
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