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for Yu Gi Oh: Team World: A Possible Duel

5/7/2007 c13 32Rock Raider
Nice long story. Though it took me 3 days to read all of it. Would've taken less time... ah, what the heck, it was because I was doing other things that it took me so long. However, I DID like all the lessons to various things, like Futurama & Scooby-Doo, & MANY other things I might have forgotten.
5/3/2007 c2 Rock Raider
Nice duel you got going there. However, you kinda need to fix this chapter. You said Fire Princess when you must've meant cure mermaid. Or did you know that already?
4/2/2006 c11 7Darrinx

This duel has been way cool and i just Bet Shego has something up her pretty little sleves to stop the god. maybe a mirror force or something like that.

If not she put up a good fight.
4/2/2006 c8 Darrinx
SHEGO ROCKS HEAVY. Shego rocks Yami Rocks this chapter Rocks and I can't wait for the duel.

Yugi didn't chose his Dark Magician. But with out his Dark Magician what chance dose Yugi stand aganist the might of Shego. Unless he chose his Egyptian God Card.
4/2/2006 c7 Darrinx
O man no come on guys get it in gear. Great chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next
3/11/2006 c6 Darrinx
Great Job here on this duel I really liked it. It was a bit frustrating seeing Gerald playing Anti Raigeki and Griffin Wings though. NO ONE in there right mind would play those there just to risky and the worst top deck imaginable just like white hole. Funny though. A good substitute would be Magic Jammer or even better Magic Drain or both. Both now see play in real tournaments and one way or another are going to get the job done.

Magic Jammer works by discarding a card from your hand to negate the activation of your opponents magic card. Magic Drain is even better since your OPPONENT must discard another MAGIC card in order to make his or hers magic card go through making it a two for one trade in hand advantage which is key to wining. No hand no duel.

Your right on Blue Flame Swordsman’s DEF points. He has exactly the same ATK and DEF as the original Flame Swordsman only with a kick arse effect. When its gets made and released in the UK I can see him being used ever in twos or even threes as he always gives you field presence. And yes you are right on Shrink being a Quick Play magic card. It hasn’t been released in the UK yet but I do have a Japanese version of the card and it has the Quick Play symbol on it.

Also Revival Jam is another of the over hyped cards from the series. It’s got a ok effect but the cost of 10 life points is to great for it to be of any real use if you want to pay a lot of life points for a monsters effect I recommend injection Fairy Lily (My Second Favourite Card Next To Dark Magician Girl) for just 20 of your life points you can do some serious damage with her. She’s actually helped me finish a opponent in just 1 get that 1 turn seriously that’s why she’s now in every deck I make.

Also Crush Card would not work on Revival Jam as it’s a Aqua monster and the crush card requires you to sacrifice a Dark Monster of 10 points or less. Guess what the most popular monster to use Crush card with is. . . You guessed it Sangan. When the Crush card gets over here in England its gonna be so broken I can see it getting banned before its even see a lot of play.

Offering to the Doomed can be changed for a much more useful card. Its called Smashing Ground and is a great card often used it two or threes in the UK. It destroys the monster on your opponents side of the field with the highest DEF and doesn’t cost a card from your hand (Tribute to The Doomed) or skipping a draw phase.

Also the text for Deck Destruction Virus was wrong. Or more persificly what happened is wrong. Yes Deck Destruction Virus works by sacrificing a Dark Fiend type monster. But the only problem is that Peten the Dark Clown is a Spellcaster and Not a Fiend.

Man Joey and Ra that was cool really cool WAY COOL I loved it.

Nice Chapter mate and I hope Team Yugi help Kim save her family since she helped them get back the Egyptian God Cards.
3/11/2006 c4 Darrinx
Ok firstly good job on the last chapter Slifer was about to wipe out Team Possible but good call on having Drakken start something and stopping the duel before that giant Behemoth disintegrated them also Slifer doesn’t destroy face down cards.

Really though the god cards are overrated. They can be destroyed by monsters effects. The Different Dimension Warriors like D. D. Warrior Lady (She Rules) D.D Assailant (The Most Annoying Of All The D. D. Warriors) and D. D. Warrior (I’ve Got One) can just take them out of play after they’ve attacked because they don’t designate + They can be killed by trap cards like Mirror Force (Thank God They Banned That Card In Real Life) and T. T (Torrential Tribute)

In this chapter. What was up with Phoebe? Why didn't she use her Waboku to save Zeta's Invader of Darkness + To Use Strike Ninja's effect you need to remove two Dark Monsters from your graveyard first and I can't recall Duke having any Monsters in his graveyard I’ll reread just to make sure.

Also I don’t know what Duke’s whinging about Cyber Jar for. Cyber Jar is a great card and in a Duel it could be the card that can make or brake the game its really his fought for not having one in his deck.

Also Phoebe strikes me as the person that would use chance cards and Zeta would use Amazons but I like Zita and the way she taught Duke. I think those two should get together later on in the story + She was great in the way she reused her Barrel and Gatling Dragons effects and to get two big hitters on the field. Top Marks For That.

Mako’s a Idiot though. The Legendary Fisherman is a useless Card and over hyped by the T.V Show. I’ve dulled many Noob’s at my local tournaments that have challenged me using that card thinking it’s cool. But in reality it’s a liability because as long as Umi (Or Legendary Ocean) stays on the field there Legendary Fisherman cant be attacked meaning you can hit them directly.

Harpy Lady Phoenix Formation sounds like a really cool card in the show. Mai uses that in her deck in my story + another of the most annoying monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh but I wont say what until its up and people get to see her deck recipe.

Sorry if I sound a little harsh with some of the things I say. I mean no harm, its just that I’m a very serious Yu-Gi-Oh player and I notice some little things like these. Its just me benching my opinion that’s all.

Great Job Mate

Cant wait to read chapter 5 . . . Wait a minute what am i waiting for.
3/10/2006 c2 Darrinx
Well this Duel is certainly getting interesting. One quick thing though. Toon Gemini Elf doesn’t need 500 life points to attack its a free attacker and you can play it without Toon world.

Also Ron made a really risky move in Special Summoning so many monsters in one turn. It looked impressive but in reality hand advantage is key and Ron sacrificed all of his hand for five monsters a very bad mistake. He really should have summoned two of his five monster. Soul of Purity and Light and Garuda the Wind Spirit would have been his best first choices since there’ve got Okish effects and maybe The Rock Spirit for field presence.

Anyway so far this has been a cool duel and can’t wait to see the end. Also I can’t wait to find out how Seto and Joey get along even though they’ve agreed to a truce I don’t think it will last.
11/2/2005 c8 dr fanmai-lover
bervobervobervobervobero why have,t beonne-become of team-possble&why-have,t reccba&vaivin become-of-part-of-yugi

i'd think trasin sood trust atter-all mai kapowd shgo-to-save-to-joy
7/6/2005 c1 SKYE
This is awesome! Keep it up!
6/5/2005 c13 11SilverZeo
Alright, time to kick it up! I wanna see dat preview!
6/3/2005 c13 dr fanmai lover
bervobervobervoberovobervo beides if you have porm makeing out my posts aske jamie&buunaino hepl-t- you
6/3/2005 c6 66ChaosMagemon
Hey if you do think about using the Meta-Breed, I bet I know what kind of decks they would have.

Ebon: Darkness Deck, since he's part Darkness.

Hotstreak: Fire Deck, since he controls fire.

Aquamaria: Water Deck, since she controls water.

Carmen Dillo: Beast or Beast-Warrior deck, since he's part animal.

But for Kangor, Puff, and Onyx, they don't really have any type of deck. So think about it.
6/3/2005 c13 E-nom
Can't wait till you bust out the next one
6/2/2005 c13 Splout
A little lovy dovy but it rock.
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