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3/19/2011 c1 scienceguy
Cute scene and well written. Nice work.
1/5/2008 c1 3RenaEstela
Lovely, lucious, &lusty. ^-^ Awesome one-shot: portrayed Matthew's and Guy's personalities in a way that doesn't make them OOC. Even when having hot bishy sex. x] Keep on writing!
5/25/2007 c1 3starfish saver

woah i love it! i found it very sad when guy said he knew there wasn't love in their relationship, just support. then the end made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D

im glad matthew did love him

whats wrong with this? i love the way you write fluff! its not the 'normal' fluff style, but i love it!

well done.

sarah xoxo
11/10/2006 c1 3PollyWoLoser
Wow. 0.o

I just drown in a heaping pool of gushy, gooey fluff.

And I loved it!


Please keep writing FE.

We need more authors that can write like you.
8/18/2006 c1 11RandomTopic
I liked this.
7/15/2006 c1 6passionslikemine
A little fluff never hurt anyone(or 'no one', as I'm tempted to say). As far as I know. This fic was not a waste of 3 hours, IMO. I like the idea of 'sex before love' in this sense.

Nice ending.
12/27/2005 c1 6pfeekin
Too cute. I love this pairing very, very much. Congrats on writing it from Guy's p.o.v too. I think that made it all the better. And, fluff is perfectly good. I tend to do the same thing. Everything has to end in some corny, fluffy way in my fics to. You're not alone.
12/27/2005 c1 Kumori-hime
I always thought of it as a brownish color, but it's been a while since a played seven. I'm working on nine, now (having skipped eight completely). You say you aren't a smut writer, but why the * not? You'd be *good* at it, dammit! *huff* (Mind you, smut-writing is *not* a full-time thing, maybe one out of three or five? Still...) I'm sure you'll submit sooner or later. All the yaoi fangirls like us do, just watch. I'll be watching you. ^.^
11/2/2005 c1 1Annhiliating Emily
XD I love your gire emblem stories, they inspire me to doodle that silly couple. =P
7/6/2005 c1 33Dionysus S
...I think Matthew's hair's blonde. I dunno, anyway, this was a good fic! I love it! Good job!
5/23/2005 c1 The Hands of Fate and Destiny
Ali: I'm a rude reviewer who came to smack you upside the head rather rudely and try to remind you about YOUR BEYBLADE FIC! Was it called 'Medallions of Aela'? Yes, yes it was! Go over there and read my (rude) review! I want you to get your butt1 into gear! I am a rude person who hates it when people discontinue awesome fics because of stupid writer's block and schoolwork! And yes, I can get ploughed down by schoolwork and writer's block. It happens to me a lot. I know and understand. But there are plenty of people who SOMEHOW get by DESPITE THAT! So, go over and read my REAL review over there, at the REAL story I'm reviewing for!

Good 'day, monsieur Angevar!

4/17/2005 c1 19SplashTOMATO
QuickEdit needs to die, doesn't it? D: I've had nothing but hell from it myself. :x

Anyway, this fic was absolutely lovely *_*~ Usually I have problems with the whole "I love you" thing, but it definitely made me happy to see that in this fic. *awws and gets all fuzzy-feely* I hope to see more Matthew/Guy from you... ^^ *adds to fav*
4/15/2005 c1 3Fire Fanatic
Three hours MOST DEFINATELY NOT wasted.

This was the best fluff I've ever read. Matthew and Guy are the ultimate couple.

Hope you write another soon.
4/6/2005 c1 ClockworkKei
It's was so cute. I really love the Matthew/Guy pairing, and I hadn't heard any good fluff in a while. Keep writing good fics.
4/6/2005 c1 61Lordess Ananda Teenorag
Wow... how deep, how beautiful. I liked reading it so much. It's true, as a reviewer said, that it doesn't look like the usual tone of Matthew x Guy fanfictions (which are great, though), but it's really adorable, real, and moving. I've always thought that their relation was deep.

Excellent work.

Lord Ma-koto
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