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3/12/2010 c17 29DarkMagicianGirl114
These were some of the funniest stories that I have ever read. Good Job.
8/6/2009 c11 megaslover4
I would like both red dragon archfiend and stardust dragon. so that's a $100, right.
4/6/2007 c15 SasatheShy
I'll take one Pharaoh Atem please! *heart heart* Hehe!
6/23/2006 c3 Dark Magician Girl
Her name is Miho Nosaka. Also known as ribbon is the manga.
7/1/2005 c17 amanda.p
i buy rare hunter marik with a yami marik plushie for $4.00!
6/30/2005 c17 9Chibi Kikumaru
Well Kids WB's next season is the KC Grand Prix and the season after that is the Millennium world. update soon.

(No, i don't live in Japan or anywhere else in Asia but I have many sources)
6/30/2005 c17 Millennium Spatula
Let's see... Cat bought a High Priest Seto before, so I'll take a KisaraXD
6/30/2005 c16 Chibi Kikumaru
Me: I want Kisara and Seto! Are there any Rebeccas laying around? I wnat a Yugi and Tea too. So Tea will so be jealous when Rebecca is hugging him and stuff. MUHAHAHA!

Yami: You couldn't own Yugioh so you're going to but the characters?

Me: Yep, and i'll buy lots of Tea charactersso i can take over the world! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yami: *slowly backs away*
6/30/2005 c16 11Queen Galux
O.o *cheers on bakura* go bakura! you can do it! escape! do it for our future children!

hiei- *ties up galux* Galux would like to pay, but unfortunately she has to save money for the new yu yu hakusho and spiral dvds AND harry potter book, so she'd like to put a hold on her touzoku-ou Bakura. *hands bakura a file and whispers* i'll be back tonight.

ergh, i've got to write the next chappie of smoothie now. bu-bye!

6/21/2005 c15 7KeybladeMasterRikuGirl
I think you should also sell Mana (DMG in ancient Egypt human form) and/or High Priest Mahado (Drk Magician) and also Kisara and any other priests. Thank you!
6/18/2005 c15 5That Heiderich Boy
*eyes get very, very big* CAN I BUY RYO? PURDY PLZ!

Yami kat- oh, get a life... can I buy Theif 'Kura? *evil glare wich meen doom if you do not bend to her will*

It rocks! So funny!

6/17/2005 c15 137MikariStar
Do the subs relly change the names like that O.o;; weird XD I never watch subs only dubs because I hate reading from the TV and rather stare at Seto- er I mean I don't want to miss the pretty japanese art.. um... yeah I actually like Seto but don't like Seth ^^;; I like Seto because he's high tech and without the computer geekiness I don't really like him all that much O.O so it wasn't just the bishieness after all O.O I don't like the past characters so no order this time... maybe next time XD
6/17/2005 c14 MikariStar
1. A blue

2. A and B *thinks* ok B jut because it's funny to imagine Atemu turning into a pokémon XD

3. none of them trully bother me but I guess I'll choose C... I think I'm one of those fangirlsthat helps make his oversize ego grow even more... but he's still the best duelist cuz I say so! :P

4. I don't think I even need to answe rthis but it's C, Seto

5. all of them are funny in my oppinion... I'll pick A

6. C Obelisk

7. No excuse is good to end it, why can't it just go on forever? Um... B

Grading... eh? It's summer vacation, my brain is hibernating.

Yayz more comercionals! More bishies to buy! *throws confetti* That's a yes BTW XP
6/15/2005 c15 evee

The pharaoh's name is Atem, but its pronounced Atemu in Japanese and is written A-T-E-M-U in Egyptian.

The past incarnation of Kaiba is High Priest Seto. Seth and Set are fan names used to refer to him when Kaiba has a yami or is in the same time.
6/13/2005 c15 amanda.p
cool, but please do rare hunter leader malik!*chibi eyes*
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