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6/12/2005 c15 11Queen Galux
O.o yea! TOUZOKU-OU BAKURA-SAMA! *huggles him* m-

funny commercials! *extra five bucks and you get original memories!* haha! cute. don't worry, i don't intend on sending bakura back!

hiei- you probably don't intend on paying for him either.

me- nah, i'm just gonna have him steal himself! ^_^ update update! *hm, who else is there?*

~Bunny and Ananias~
6/11/2005 c15 Millennium Spatula
Gimme a High Priest SetoXD
6/8/2005 c13 137MikariStar
Card Quiz

1- D. blue (my other fav is silver)

2- B. light (cuz my nickname "Mikari" means "beutiful light")

3- A. (a stick and a rod can be similar and typos can happen but there's a big difference between green and blue)

4- A. Seto

5- A or C. (it depends on who)

Other Questions (I love Star Wars)

1- A (computers not math and holograms exist just now as high tech as in YGO) XD

2- A (I can speak english and spanish but I can't spell either to save my life)

3- C. Seto! ^_^

I'm not sure what I got... I think I got Seto/Obelisk
6/8/2005 c12 MikariStar
*runs back* an update! yayz! I hav so many bishies here there's ardly enough room left anymore but I might as well get Varon so he can annoy Joey and Alister so he can annoy Seto. That might be fun to watch XD
6/7/2005 c1 2My Third and a Half Eye
Also, I forgot in my last review, I want to order a Ryou and a Bakura!
6/7/2005 c13 My Third and a Half Eye
Can I order a Marik(not evil) and Rex and Weevil? Let the torture commence!
6/6/2005 c13 Zuki
I want the Yami Yugi! *offers 65 dollars or equivilant curency* ... I know who you should make next, Pharaoh Atemu! ( Pharaoh Yami... yeah... I know his real name... )

And may I also order Bakura and Ryou for my friend? *offers 6 dolars or equivilant curency*
6/5/2005 c1 AristocraticAssasin
6/5/2005 c13 7Anime-2000
(laughs) Very nice. I love it! :) Really, if Yu-Gi-Oh! characters are really that cheap, I'd buy the entire cast... Or just my faves. ^_^ Especially DM or DMG! Although, I would like to see Mana and Mahaado out!
6/5/2005 c13 Millennium Spatula
Er, are you allowed to do quizzes on here? 'cause I don't know. Well... I'll take Joey in a dog suit, Battle City Kaiba, Dartz and Pegasus:D :D (Yes I know I am a lazy and horrible person for not reviewing too often).
6/5/2005 c13 9Chibi Kikumaru
i liked it, it was fun doing it, you should put the legendary dragon knight qiuzm i would love to do it. update soon
5/27/2005 c5 Yami
I want to buy Joey . . . he already lives in my head . . . (he says hello, by the bye) This is really cute ^.^
5/27/2005 c12 11Queen Galux
i'll take amelda! he's so much better than alister anyway *decides to skip the 'the japanese version's better than the english version' speech* and i'll have hopkins, cuz she kicks butt. ^_^

that's right, nobody likes raphael! poor, big, buff guy.

5/26/2005 c3 14Black Dragon of the Bayou
Good stuff. This is actually a crash course for me on the First Season since I've only been able to see the English Dub. keep it up, eh?

5/25/2005 c12 3CrimsonFaeSorceress
Hahaha! The 'commercials' are great! Some of them are really funny. The only bad thing, though of course it's not your fault: the concept of selling people is not the best thing... But I can't let that ruin the story, can I?

You could try Serenity, since I think you forgot her, and Gozaburo. And the God cards is a good idea. Update soon!
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