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5/25/2005 c12 amanda.p
yay! coolies! could you do the rare hunter version of malik? malik is so hot! for 300,0 dollars, i say!
5/25/2005 c12 randomreviewer
the quiz idea is a good idea. PLEASE do it next chapter!
5/24/2005 c12 9Chibi Kikumaru
I like the idea of the God Card and The Lengendary Dragon/Knights idea, you should do it. update soon
5/22/2005 c9 Dauter of Doom
I'd buy Dartz but I live with my parents and they'd kill me or he'd take their souls away! And you spelled Alister wrong you also spelled Varon wrong. Yes I know his name is not spelled the way it sounds but I know these things!
5/4/2005 c11 137MikariStar
yay! thankies ^_^ You're right about that I'm sure he'll like her better if she's still alive XD Must find Darky Boy card O.O
4/29/2005 c11 anonymous
i don't think you've done mako tsunami, pegasus, serenity or yugi's grandpa yet. could you do them please?
4/29/2005 c11 9Chibi Kikumaru
hi! Let's see i want Varon because he's so cute. And let's see are you going to have a Rebecca because if you do i want a friendship Tea and a Yami Yugi to annoy that friendship bitch. MUHAHAHAHA!
4/29/2005 c11 12Sami Ryou's Hikari
You can get a plushie? I want that too! I must have read it quickly, but I want a plushie! I have over three thou in my bank account so I'll take money out of that to pay you; I don't care I just want YuGiOh guys! Aw, I really want the DMG, but I don't have her card; it's really rare to get here in Australia...not to mention expensive.

hmm, I'll give you 50 dollars each for these monsters:

Watapon and Blue Eyes Shining Dragon. (Yes I have the cards!) one else I would want to buy that I can think of...I've already got Seto, Bakura, Ryou, Mokuba, Joey, Noah, Duke and some others...oh well. See ya!

Love Sami.
4/28/2005 c11 11Queen Galux
how is it that you can get two monsters for half the price of one? *thinks* this is a great deal! i... kinna care about Dartz! *sees bakura looking at her jealously* i didn't mean that way! did you do pegasus yet? *i forgot*

i can't part with my dvds yet! T_T

anny- hikari's evil.


anny- she means 'touzoku-ou bakura-sama'.

bunny- *_*

4/28/2005 c10 137MikariStar
I'll buy Dartz, Raphael, Varon and Alister just because. I want to buy a little Malik cuz he's cute with a Seto plushie (I'm keeping the plushie) ^_^ I think I'll buy Mai for a friend's birthday XD could you send her in a gift box?
4/22/2005 c10 12Sami Ryou's Hikari
OMG, awesome!

Okay, I want to buy two young Marik's! I would love a ten or an eleven year old Marik, because that was after he had his back cut into by his father.

Also, I would like an eight year old Marik, or however old he was when he gave Ishizu that flower wreath. Aw, he is so cute! I will pay you one hundred dollars for them!

Love Sami.
4/22/2005 c9 Sami Ryou's Hikari
Oh, fine, here's your lousy $250!

I don't want Mai...she is a good character, but she can be a bitch at the best of times..and I already have lots of Harpie cards, so no, I don't need her. (Harpie Lady 1, 2 and 3 plus Harpie's Brother and Harpie Girl and Harpie Sisters)

Dartz? Nah, no thanks...I'd love Valon though, he rocks! And Alister!

Love Sami.
4/21/2005 c8 137MikariStar
Yay! More bishonen! I want to buy a Yugi, a Ryou and of course a Malik! I think the hikari Malik is better but I'm buying all the bishonen just to have a complete collection XD Chibis! I love chibis! I want to buy them all! I'm gonna go broke buying characters... um well I have Seto, I'll just use his money... Chibi Seto, Chibi Malik Chibi Ryou, Chibi Yugi, (goes on and on about the chibis she wants)
4/20/2005 c9 Chocmalt92
These are good and funny
4/14/2005 c8 12Sami Ryou's Hikari

Aw, I want a Yugi for my own! Here is five dollars and fifty cents! Now I shall take my Yugi!

Aw, look at the way his hair just popped that childs balloon! MWAHAHAHA! Evilness!


I WANT RYOU! Here is ten dollars for him! Oh My Ra, now I have a Ryou all to myself, and he shall be my slave along with Bakura! Thanks so much; you rock! And seeing as I bought evil Bakura with the Millennium Ring, I get more spikes! MARIK! Yes, I want his scar, that is so awesome that scar, and I am actually planning on getting that tattoo when I turn sixteen! Thanks so much for using my idea!

(Pays you fifty dollars!) CHIBIES! The cutest midgets of all shall be mine! Okay, these are the people I want as chibis:

Noah, Mokuba, Seto, Marik, Ryou, Bakura, Joey, Yugi, Yami and Yami Marik! WOW! Thanks for updating!

Love Sami.
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