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4/13/2005 c8 11Queen Galux
*gasp* a spoke fell off like on cat's! it's the millennium spoke! ATTACK MY SPOKE!

tee-hee, funny. i like the tattoo idea. *watches her mom have a heart attack* sweatdrop.

4/12/2005 c7 Aesa Bast
Yay! Both Egyptian and not-true-albino-since-his-eyes-aren't-blue-or-pink Bakura! Woot! They're so sexy! ::buys entire stock::
4/12/2005 c7 137MikariStar
Maybe I would buy the first Seto too, not the evil Mokuba just the Seto and dye his hair because I don't like the puke green color XD I also want to purchase a Duke :D A Yami Yugi sounds good too... That's 3 Setos, a Duke and a Yami Yugi so far. XD I might as well get Joey too since I'm collecting all the bishonen :) I'll get Noah too and Rex but I'll throw away his ugly hat XD Maybe you can get Chibi Seto in a sea horse costume? Ok that's a little weird but still cute I think :D Yay The Yamis! I want to buy Yami Yugi too and both Bakura and Egyptian Bakura. XD Who wouldn't want a big collention of bishonen. Are Malik (the hikari) and Ryou going to be for sale soon? I'm a little slow inposting reviews but hey, I commented about all of the chapters so I did read them all. Great commercionals keep posting!
4/12/2005 c7 12Sami Ryou's Hikari
OMG! Yami yugi with armbands! Thankies!(pays you fifteen dollars!) Ha, now I can torture him like I've always planned! He better like knives and blood!

Yami Marik...well, he's very evil and twisted... but I'll do it so I can get a Millennium Rod, and annoy the heck out of him! (Pays you three dollars!)


I will pay you ten dollars for my favorite person ever, Bakura! Yes! Now I have my sweet albino, and he shall be my slave! MWAHAHAHA!

Here's your thirty dollars extra for Egyptian Bakura! sexy! Thanks so much for putting him on sale! This was the best chapter ever!

Love Sami.
4/11/2005 c7 11Queen Galux
do i *really* hafta say who i want? *laughs maniacally* i'll risk losing both of my eyes, just give 'em to me!

anny- calm down, rabid fangirl.

bunny- i can't help it *weeps* i love bakura-sama. poor misunderstood touzoku-ou..

anny- kay, i'm stopping this before it becomes a bakura rant. we both like the story, continue! next time with the hikaris!

~Bunny and Ananias~
4/10/2005 c6 12Sami Ryou's Hikari
Hi! Well, as I hate Tea profoundly, I will not buy her no matter how cheap.

But you have Noah in stock! He is one of my fave characters! Thanks so much for getting him in early! Noah is one of the most fascinating characters in YuGiOh and is so completely perfect, I just can't believe I am finally getting one! (Sighs and faints) Yay! His bangs aren't glued on, they are merely a different color, what is so wrong with that? No one accuses Yugi of glueing his hair on! Yes, I also get a duel disk! A real duel disk...I've always wanted one! I don't want to duel Noah though; I want him to win all the time, you see. And I think Noah forgave Seto by the end of it all. Hey, as I have bought Noah AND Mokuba, is it okay if I use them in a yaoi fic? I will always keep Noah; no need for me to return him!

Weevil and Rex can go screw themselves; no offence.


Bakura comes with a Millennium Ring, and Marik with the Rod as well as your own gold arm bands and a session at the Domino Tattoo Parlor so you can get his scar imprinted on your back!

Love Sami.
4/10/2005 c1 aquarious3211
Wow. Martha a.k.a bunny has showed me the wonderful world of random commercials. The two of you have a real, shall we say 'knack' for making totaly random things so funny im almost kicked out of the library for laughing so loud. (i dont hold either of you responsible so you can keep writingand dont worry about tryingto find a good lawyer.)
4/9/2005 c5 Sami Ryou's Hikari
Thanks for the mention; now for business! Well, I'd love to purchase the Japanese Joey, for ten dollars! He sounds very cool, and the Japanese Joey reads porn apparently! I also would love the English Joey, as he is my little puppy! I want the dog costume! I must have it, so I will pay you one dollar for it, and leave it the original color! Awesome!

Hm...I want the boy that was standing behind twelve year old Seto when he and Mokuba were playing chess, the one with the slightly spiky hair. He was cool. And Kenta from Serenity's hospital room; he hid in there, and has brown hair nearly to his shoulders.

Love Sami.
4/9/2005 c5 11Queen Galux
aw, me free publicity! ^_^

ooh, i'll take the random person in the crowd who yelled at kaiba while he was on the blimp when lihito and jonouchi were getting struck by lightning! can you handle that?

me likey!

4/9/2005 c4 12Sami Ryou's Hikari
Hi! Yep, okay, I will gladly pay the five dollars extra but do you want it in cash or cheque?

Now, I would like to order evil Yami so I can send him to my cousins house and make my cousin become insane. Oh, and I'll send him to my music teacher to stab the hands of everyone in the house. Awesome... I would love to see some Joey adds, do you think you could make some, like Joey in a puppy suit and stuff like that? Also, I adore Noah, and would buy him in any way, shape or form!

Love Sami.

PS: This fic rocks!
4/8/2005 c3 Sami Ryou's Hikari
Um, I will buy Devlin this chapter so I can torture him and ask him why he's such a gay nancy with girly tendencies to play with his hair. I hate Miho; she had a crush on Bakura. He thought she was an annoyance. Yes, her name is Miho.

Love Sami.
4/8/2005 c2 Sami Ryou's Hikari
Hi, well as I hate the Kaiba with green hair from the unseen season I've never seen, I would like to buy the nice Mokuba, from commercial three in this chapter, for six dollars! Awesome!

Love Sami.
4/8/2005 c1 Sami Ryou's Hikari
I want all of the Kaiba's and I will be paying fifteen dollars for them all, but can I order the season 5 Kaiba with the Battle City Suit instead of the white suit? Thanks!

Love Sami.

Awesome fic.
4/7/2005 c1 137MikariStar
lol XD I would buy all 3 Kaibas *huggles them*
4/7/2005 c3 9pokemongirl2523
Hey, I'll buy a Seto from you, just so my sister can love and adore him and get killed by him! ^_^ 5 bucks good? ^_^
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