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4/6/2005 c3 Millennium Spatula
Ooh, I'll take an evil and psychotic Mokuba:D

Heehee, you posted
4/6/2005 c2 11Queen Galux
ah! *goes out and buys mokuba* I DON'T LIKE HIM! *runs to complaint office* so where's my free Exodia cards?

tee-hee, so funny.

4/5/2005 c1 Queen Galux
i... shall... review!

yea! kitty posted, kitty posted, kitty posted!

i read the other person's review: they're right! it'd be a great start! *fun fun fun*

anny- you want her to do more work.

bunny- nein! i was just adding to a suggestion for a story before she can post her other ones.

anny- same same. *perks up* YATTY!

bunny- -_- can't do anything with you, can i?

anny- ^_^

bunny- long, pointless review. tis good! post, er, update, er.. something!

~Bunny and Ananias~
4/5/2005 c1 4Faerie Rose
hahah! that's pretty good. ^^ i think you should add kaiba in, like, maybe have someone (like yourself) actually buy him! and then go on from there! that'd be great! email me when you update. ^^ thanks.
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