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for Not How I Planned

6/30/2004 c1 1VoldiePoo
um, this is interesting, but since I haven't every really watched or read Sailor Moon, I haven't the faintest piddly tiddle what they are talking about...but you should update!
2/11/2003 c1 va13361
don't change it its good the way it is just add a new chapter :)
12/30/2002 c1 2sWeEtAzNaNgEl
i lyke ur story but its so sad how they treated serena. y don't u finish it? i can't wait to read da rest of it!
12/12/2002 c1 7Claidi Winter
hey girl you reviewed my story so i thought i would read yours :-p. SO yeah that was really sad, and the other on too, but you wrote them in like 2001? lol i mean i know you're not dead cause you reviewed me! so yeah, don't keep people waiting! Update! *bows* arigato gozaimasu

3/5/2002 c1 Nick Johnson
Its been a long time since you heard from me. What have you been up to recently? I have been doing okay. And I wanted to ask you something very important. But since you haven't been answering my email, I am giving it to you, via this review. And here it is. When will you be working on your fanfics again? Specifically, Not How I Planned and Serena's a What?. I want to see or know what happens next in those 2 fanfics. I hope you get to working on them again. Be sure to let me know.
11/24/2001 c1 Lita Ami Bunny
YAY! Well...actually, it's sad. But I like it. Please e-mail me when the next part comes out. Thanks! Keep up the good work.
11/6/2001 c1 candi
awesome story very nice i luv it more more please
7/16/2001 c1 7Kats
That's mean, ^-^ but good. Thanks for signing my review, I really appreciate it.
6/11/2001 c1 4Hitomi De Fanel
I like it, but where is the rest? You have not updated this in some time, Please write more soon!
6/9/2001 c1 Brittalia
I like it... very much so *MUAH*
5/27/2001 c1 Princess Helaine
Oh I can't wait until the Scouts and Darien find out about what happened! I can't believe how cruel they were... more please?
5/17/2001 c1 2Invisible Rain
please tell me you are going to continue plz! I really gotta know that you are. What a great story but i thinkit would be better if writtn from narrators pov.
4/29/2001 c1 Sirena Farren
Please write more of this, I have to know what happens. That scumbag! How dare he do that to my bunny? Ok, done now. I like this story, please continue. Ja
3/31/2001 c1 April
3/22/2001 c1 1Anime Angel1
Please write the next chapter. Please?
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