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6/29/2020 c1 31Born-Of-Elven-Blood
This bent my brain, and then just kept bending and bending and bending it, and it was AWESOME! I can't figure out what's real! This is so well constructed and just fantastic! I'm in awe and just a bit freaked out. Well done!
11/10/2019 c1 45Maze-zen
Great story!
6/2/2019 c1 Guest
I know that this was posted years ago but I just found it and WOW. I had no idea what I was getting into and this surpassed all expectations. I love how you included questions and how there are so many possibilities and no right answers! That is great plot/writing right there. :) I personally like the theory that the doctor IS Erik, the Opera Ghost, who got both a convincigly realistic mask and hired at the facility when he realized he could have Christine all to himself if he got her committed for her sketchy grasp of reality. BUT there are so many other equally awesome interpetations too! Thanks so much for writing and I hope that the years have treated you well!
4/26/2015 c1 darkraistlyn
I've had that same idea... Clever. And well done!
8/27/2011 c1 SaoirseAva
I know that this was written years ago, but I have just come across it and I had to review after reading. This is one of the most compelling, interesting one-shots I've come across at this site! Really, you did an excellent job in writing it. Added to my favorites, to be sure!
6/9/2010 c1 42Kryss LaBryn
Great story! I love well-written Mad!Christines. :D
1/21/2008 c1 MadLizzy
I enjoy morbid stories, when they are well written, and yours is both. Thank you for a very interesting spin on the tale. It was appropriately creepy and has that lingering sense of madness that follows the reader out the door. ~ml
11/29/2006 c1 20HDKingsbury
I read this story previously but realized that I never left any feedback. Shame on me. I love a well-written morbid story, and this one certainly fits that bill. Well written, with enough ambiguity to allow the reader to form his or her own opinion.

9/29/2006 c1 13LynLin
WOW. That was really scary. =]
7/14/2006 c1 2Mellia
Oh, wow. This is really good. Spooky, confusing, and very interesting.
12/2/2005 c1 Rabidfangirl67
Susprnseful, great story, wow this is very good, please say it's not a one-shot!
9/18/2005 c1 Andrea
Ooh, fascinating! Suspenseful . . . interesting. Very well put together, and I find myself looking for a next chapter even though the stopping point is also well done. Very good! I love the questions at the end- What happened to the real Angel, was there one, ect.
6/24/2005 c1 7adarabelle
Okay.. it's confusing, y'know. But I AM your fan.. so update a.s.a.p.
5/24/2005 c1 13sparklyscorpion
Boat! What an incredible story you have written! I love morbid fics, and this one is just amazing. I read the first half wondering what exactly was going on, and then once I read the part after Mme. Giry appeared - THUD! =0 I don't even know how to write a coherent review of this, I've been trying to digest the story for several hours now and my mind's still running around in circles shouting "oh my god!" =D

The idea that the Opera Ghost is all a figment of Christine's insane imagination is just beyond creepy and so original. I can definitely say that I've never read a story like this before, and I make it a point to read as many insane-Christine fics as I can find. =D I do love an insane Christine, but yours is one of the best I have ever read! Her madness is so convincing and fits so well into the POTO storyline. I could just see your Christine running around, frightening everyone half to death (including herself!) with tales of an Opera Ghost lurking in the cellars when all of the time, unbeknownst to her, it's all a figment of her twisted mind!

And the ending - oh my goodness! I was left with my mouth hanging open - bravo Boat! What a thought-provoking tale you have woven here, I am so glad that I found it. =D I hope many more morbid plot bunnies come to life through your words! =D
5/18/2005 c1 64Erik'sTrueAngel
That was very intriguing. And interesting how Christine is locked away. I never thought about Raoul being killed by her. Hm. Good point though.
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