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10/14/2006 c4 30AbhorsenSabriel87
The story is alright, but your speeling and grammer need work. Try not to use so many sentence fragments, and use a larger variety of sentence lengths. That should help grab reader interest more.

All in all, though, good job!
8/9/2005 c4 1907WILDHEART
that was great keep it up! hope you post soon! :)
8/3/2005 c4 4Superkoala89
I'll tell you I'll tell you I'll tell you! Ok, I like it, but you know how I hate it when you leave me in suspense. You Hurry and update. I wanna know who the guy is! Tell me tell me tell me!
7/25/2005 c4 2sacred-priestess
well it's confusing in a way that i like! Keep going
7/13/2005 c2 4Superkoala89
Ok, very good. Don't really remember this one, though. *shrugs* Oh, well. Only a few suggestions there are a few punctuation mistakes and some misspelled words, but no big deals, so nothing to worry about!

Spawn of Satan
6/25/2005 c1 Miko Kagome Archer
awesome story. Thanks for reviewing to "her" It was just floatin' in my head and I didn't want to lose it. Update soon. I think you should've pointed out my mistakes, I didn't realize till it was to late, darn word...
6/17/2005 c1 2The Black Moon
5/20/2005 c1 4DeluxxxxInu
Cool! Yay! It fun. Ha, Inuyasha tried to save her. That's cute in a warped sort of way.

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