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11/25/2015 c1 Fanny haters
The next day, Fanny woke up in her room with her face and head punching and aching from all of the smashing it had taken the day before. She wailed as she felt her face and head. There were few bandages on her cuts. The nurse had aided to them while she slept and a large breakfast had been prepared by her servants. Fanny walked to her mirror and looked at herself as she ran her hands over her head. It reminded her of yesterday's incident and caused her to grow angry at them, especially all the and all the other boys and any and any other girls who are not misan-drists like Fanny is. "Good morning. I have your breakfast, especially prepared for a poor little girl who had a rough day. This is a small feast, prepared just for you." It was the servant bringing her a grand breakfast. Fanny said nothing, but continued to glare at her head and face in the mirror wondering if her best friends really thought about her. "Come and get your delicious meal." She took Fanny under her arm and walked her over to the table to sit her down for the meal but Fanny just exploded with pure rage at the top of her lungs.
"I DON'T WANT THIS! GET IT OUT OF MY ROOM!" Fanny yelled. "But Fanny, the others and I spent all morning preparing this for you. You looked so tired when you arrived back from yesterday. What happened yesterday, Fanny?" "GET THIS OUT OF HERE!" Fanny motioned for the servants to remove the feast from her chamber. They looked at each other puzzled. One of them began to lift Fanny onto the chair so that she could spoon-feed her. "You love our meals, Fanny." She said as she moved the spoon towards Fanny's mouth. "Here it is comes ... open wide ... just take small little bites–" Fanny aggressively knocked the spoon out of her hand. "I SAID TAKE IT AWAY!" Her plate was thrown across the chamber. Then she got up on the table and began ruining the food, squashing the fruits, tearing the fish and throwing all of it into the shallow pool below. Soon the table was overturned and she continued to throw food at the servants. They watched in horror as Fanny ruined the feast they had prepared for her.
A few hours later another servant arrived at her chamber. "Good day." Fanny rudely ignored him. "You've made quite a mess. Your parents are unimpressed and they would like you to clean it up. All of it. It is an insult to all who have lived in this chamber before you desecrated it as you have done. It is also an insult your attendants who prepared your breakfast this morning–"
"YOU CLEAN IT!" Fanny demanded as she interrupted. "Your parents has asked to you clean it, young lady. I will not disrespect their wishes, and I know that you won't either. Now get to work." Fanny approached the soggy mess in the water now polluted with the foods from her breakfast. She picked up a cantaloupe and threw it at him. "That's quite enough. I will report your disobedience to your parents. Since you're unwilling to follow their orders, I will send a group of my staff to your chamber to have it cleaned for you. They will not be happy with you and nor will your parents. You will now resume your regular duties for the day. Lord Jabu-Jabu is patiently awaiting his meal. Now go to the fountain and prepare it at once!" He departed angrily. "STUPID SERVANTS!" Fanny yelled. Fanny had recently begun refusing to do her duty of preparing the daily meals for Lord Jabu-Jabu. None of the boys nor the other boys could easily get along with her because of her aggression. A few days ago, Fanny had forgotten to arrive at the fountain to feed Lord Jabu-Jabu. When she came the next day, one of the servants said to her. "Now, Fanny, you forgot to feed Lord Jabu-Jabu yesterday, and he was very hungry. I had to feed him for you and his meal was three hours late! Try to arrive timely everyday to feed the great lord. You owe your heritage to him and forgetting to feed him is a clear sign of disrespect and directly against orders from your parents." Fanny aggressively responded, "I DON'T CARE! I'LL DO WHATEVER I WANT. YOU'RE A STUPID SERVANT!" "That's not very polite, Fanny. Respect is something all people have for each other regardless of their position or title. You should be honored to have this as your duty." Fanny stormed to prepare the meal. She caught large fish from the water and placed them on a large tray in front of Jabu-Jabu. She glared at him with a stuck-up, cold, dirty look as she yelled, "TAKE IT ALREADY! I SHOULDN'T EVEN BE FEEDING YOU. YOU'RE A..YOU'RE JUST A... BIG...OLD, AND UGLY WHALE!" She yelled at him in disgust and stomped and stormed off away in a huff. Fanny, in her growing anger, wanted to get revenge on all the boys and all the other boys and all the girls and all the other girls who are not misan-drists like Fanny for their disagreement with her.
8/5/2012 c1 fallendarkangel2O1
first i'd like to thank you for making a 86/362 cuz i am a big 86/362 fan pretty much there isn't much about them please upload more soon so i can keep reading it . & this story is awsome by the way love it \./
4/26/2005 c1 7dark hallway
it was a femslash but it was kinda good... the part where it said i-dont-want-to-go-so-get-the-hell-out-of-my-office-and-leave-me-alone reminded me of myself...i get really annoyed when ppl ask a lot of me..lol...thought it was a fem/ it was good
4/14/2005 c1 3Baekho0123
Ftiger: -catcall- wwoow! Finally some unexcepted couple! OH YEAH! Good job with this one-shot!

heh...heh...heh...-CYA! ^_^!
4/14/2005 c1 7numbuhunknown
you know 86/362 is the oly un-straight couple i really like, i hate stuff like 14 1274 stuff like that but i can see 86362 it was good, i kinda like 186 but this was better
4/13/2005 c1 Hi
I am a big 1/86 fan. Write more stories about those 2 please! Anyway, haven't hear from you from a long time. Great the have you Back!

4/13/2005 c1 2the bird told me
I was expecting 1/86. xD

But still, it's nice to see something a bit different. I think this is the first 86/362 fic to grace

Well, like all your other fics, Sammeh, this one was very well-written and to had the characterization down pretty well. Kudos to you, and keep up the great work! ^_^
4/13/2005 c1 12weartheseshorts
::jumps around, shouts to the sky, anything!::

*I* have butterflies in my stomach! That was beautiful! Huzzah! Huzzah! And yes, I admit it, I thought it was 1/86, but I was terribly mistaken (however, I caught on when 35 summonced her to 362's room)! I bow to your feet, I really do! Sammeh! ::glomps millions of times:: Have to fave it of course!

thats me


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