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9/4/2018 c1 04jHE
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9/3/2018 c1 tSODG
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6/17/2013 c1 2Shoetsu Otaku
Jeez, the manga is so frustrating when you can just see! The pair they make! Thanks for the story
8/7/2012 c1 16SeiraChi
hehe just started reading the Manga Devil & Devil, and there's so many hints of shonen ai! And then I was searching for ff's and found only 2 or 3 with klemon and lime ._. *bit dissapointed*
I totaly love the way you discribe Sword and his denial :D Exactly like I would Imagine him when he's with Ios hehe. the story's written really good, and It was easy to read too (cause I'm not english or american hehe ._.)
I love your story! (p.s.: sorry if my english sucks ')
10/8/2011 c1 12AcidusBellum

Love it~~~~

Sword in denial is sooo funny

2/14/2011 c1 12kuroange1
Wishing sweet dreams, how'd you know I'm reading this before going to bed? XD

The first SwordIos fic I decide to read, and Sword is the virgin while Ios tops, totally unexpected. XD Yet I loved it at the same time. Now I'm going to be dissapointed if I don't find more fics where Sword is the uke... Few grammatical errors, but otherwise, an awesome story! Great job, I liked the point of view ^^ Thank you for making my first story for this pairing so epic. Going to my favs~
2/1/2010 c1 Coconuts
Nice! Real nice! can't tell ou how much I enjoyed i... Bu I let you imagine!
12/30/2008 c1 3Zeenath and Moiira
CUTE! I love A Denial Sword To :P

This is really good ^^

To bad there isn't all that many people who does Devil Devil Fanfictions. I LOVED the books ( I have all the volumes XD 1 to 15 :) ) ;P

My Fav. parring would be Sword and Kanna :D I love bad boys XD

But Sword and Soma also sound CUTE as all hells , Ios and Sword seem to ... "obvious" of a parring , I like being out of the normal :)

Je vois que tu as des Fics en Francais aussi ^^ C'est cool ça :) Les Manga de Devil Devil que j'ai sont en Francais donc c'est mieux XD

Passe une SUPER journée!

Continue ton beau travail! et surtout AMUSE TOI en classe D'anglais XD :)

With Lot's of Love

7/8/2008 c1 5thewraven
I love your lemons!

So detailed...

I LOVE detail.

I want to read more lemons...

4/12/2008 c1 Sensei ex Machina
More more more XD ! ! !

So amazing-Yeah

Want it Need it Love it!

11/24/2007 c1 Lebrun
8/19/2007 c1 376Nakimochiku
hahaha! this was funny and sexy! gotta love it!
6/13/2007 c1 2Alvedans
ooh lovely :D

"Denial, thy name is Sword."
4/15/2007 c1 Luppa
Hilarious! Blody Hilarius! and so Yummy... ;)
2/2/2007 c1 Siaqi
I love it! It is so them and Sword is an adorable uke. 8D
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