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10/31/2009 c5 2Madame Minuit12



2/17/2007 c5 6thrnbrooke
What happens next?
12/2/2006 c5 Alixa Elizabeth Hufflepuff
wow i really enjoyed this please contonie
6/29/2005 c4 Shikatanai
Having just finished watching Equillibriam (and by just, I mean an hour ago) this chapter really struck me. Awesome. I love this story; the conversation/interaction is intriguing. I want to know more about why they are where they are, and what's happening elsewhere; yet at the same time, their mood of patently avoiding such musings make me wonder if I'm happier not knowing.

In other words, you're doing a spectacular job.
6/1/2005 c5 124goddessa39
realistically heartbreaking. Theoretically lovely. I like it.
5/20/2005 c5 yas

i really loved that. have you ever watched the movie "the pianist"?

sorry I can't write much but you truly have excellent style and some wonderful views on very contraversial ideas.

excellent. don't ever stop speaking what you beleive


5/10/2005 c4 14Roses of the Storm
I totally love your story. Especially how Draco and Harry get all philosophical. It's really interesting. So update and soon.
5/10/2005 c4 Mordicai
Wow, this story is deep. I particularly like the drunk Harry ordering an iced latte image... I can just see Draco staring at him quizzically from the table. *lol*

You're obviously a very talented person, and I hope you update soon!
5/9/2005 c4 Christina
Your story fulfills an ache in my mind. Thank you. There is a lot of heady stuff that isn't usually expressed anywhere, especially in fanfiction stories. I trully look forward to every chapter that you put out. I wish there was more, and more often, but that is the nature of intrigue.

As far as your intention for this chapter, I get the feeling that you are trying to get Draco to realize something lacking about himself? If you were to add on to it in the next chapter, instead of having them in a different meeting, you could perhaps show us more of Draco's reactions- like you did with the tea cup remaining in mid-air. But then, that might not be the greatest if you are trying to show Draco's character as being almost totally non-reactionary.

I don't know. I know that you will do the right thing, whatever that may be.

But please, take to heart that my day gets brighter when I see a new chapter of this story up.
5/1/2005 c3 1Hawkenten
Wow. Thats amazing! I really love your style and way of writing. It is very capivating. Please keep up the wonderful writing!

5/1/2005 c3 yas
Again... WOW...

I'm not going to be able to write for long here as I my money is running out (I'm at a net computer at the airport) but I had to comment on this.

An interesting choice of topic. Very valid for both Harry and Draco. I need a little more time read through this properly.

I'll be back. Whether on your update or just another comment... you can't get rid of me... oh dear. Do planes take off when it's pouring down with rain? Well I guess I'm about to find out.

All the best and keep well

4/29/2005 c3 Christina
I really like how things change in each chapter. I mean, I've had conversations likethis, where you only get to continue such a conversation once a week, and the shifts are perfect. Really, this is a very interesting story, to see how two characters would react to certain philosophies and abstract ideas. Please, keep it up!
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