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for I died, too

11/20/2020 c1 The needle-sword expert
Dead,isn't he? Nice.
10/11/2013 c1 1AccioFirebolt8853
wow, your quite a writer :)
3/29/2007 c1 3sami1010220
...i'm so confused! lol, what happened?
8/26/2006 c1 MadeleineElizabeth
... poor harry very well written
7/29/2006 c1 4leaves at autumn
So depressing!
11/6/2005 c1 Fate
nicely written!

Well done!
4/22/2005 c1 greekhac
amazing email me at wen the next comes please!
4/22/2005 c1 4fire-and-ice89
Very angsty. From the summary it sounds like it's going to continue...but if you extended this one chapter I think it might make a good one shot. I hope you continue, though, because I'm curious about how you're going to bring Sirius back. I was so mad when JK killed him off!
4/22/2005 c1 yas

very nice

once again brilliant use of language and style. i like harry here, very believable development in his character and you have a wonderful take on dumbledore.

lol i think i'm stalking your stories but they really are brilliant.

again, congratulations on another brilliant piece of work

is this one continuing? I would love to read more

all the best


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