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12/4/2009 c1 CassandraD
Have you read Tokyo?

Please continue this storyline.
3/3/2009 c1 12Unicron Risen
This can't be the end! Please write more asap!
3/10/2008 c1 4DaughterofDeath
My guess, given the plant boy comment, is obviously plants. If you want some thing more specific I don't know. Overall Great job with your story. Hope you add a new story to your arc soon.
1/13/2006 c1 2neosildrake
gah! no update in a 3/4 year! you're evil! I know this is only a one-shot, but I really would like to read more. Especially what happens in your uiverse when leon mets D and how different the things might fare especially towards the end.
5/20/2005 c1 Baby Chibi
So far i like this but you need to write the next chapter and/or story. It sais it is almost a month since you write this... Please continue.
4/25/2005 c1 Nytingale
so Leon's power iz plants lyk Kurama from YYH, huh? that iz so cool! does he have sum telepathy or whatever itz called too, from when he waz gonna summon the letter to himself? i have no idea what Jill iz. though itz a gr8 idea making her a non-human friend of Leon's bak then! does Chris know bout hiz fae blood, bout hiz father? do hiz aunt & uncle know hiz dad waznt human? i cant wait till D finds out! Well, keep up the good work & update soon, plz! L8R! ;)
4/25/2005 c1 Lena
Interesting! D with his animals, and Leon with his plants-I assume. :) Looking forward to reading more!
4/23/2005 c1 3Alana-kittychan
Alana: o how cool!^_^

Leo:I wonder when's the next update?

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