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7/27/2019 c1 DelennTriesTalkingLikeAHuman
Very well written.
4/1/2010 c1 2River Knight17
I love it. I love all of your Hellboy stories! Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Phantom of the Opera? Pirates of the Caribbean? If so, I would love seeing some material on those!
8/15/2008 c1 1pinkrollingstone
I love this one shot, I thought it was very good. And creepy at the same time. Great work. :)
6/23/2005 c1 219JMM91
This was a great story i loved it. I love the movie Hellboy so this was a really great story. I hope you write more.
4/22/2005 c1 64epalladino
Hi, I've read this story elsewhere, but I still love it. It's one of the best cross-overs I've read. So many cross-overs are dreadful, but yours are really, really good. Beth Palladino

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