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8/24/2006 c8 1Aeternus Symphony
Wow... I like this fic =) very much xD like the ending~

anyways, hope to read more work from u in the future
9/4/2005 c8 21Psycho Tangerine
An excellent way of explaining why the morpher worked for Wes. Great job :)
8/29/2005 c8 jm
nice to know u continued this story, I just loved the prequel!... didn't find it sooner because it's been a while since I used the computer.

Anyway, nice story, full of emotions!

I've never watched HL, but it didn't matter.

just so u know, I'm a huge admiror of all your PRTF work, you're such an excellent writer!

6/22/2005 c8 63Rider Paladin
Ah, the end has arrived. Good to see that Methos/Patrick is starting to heal from his loss and realize that he's not as alone as he feels. As for Alex/Wes, it's good to see him and Jen reunited, even if it won't last very long (very long being in Immortal terms). After everything they've been through, they deserve some happiness. Best of luck to them.
6/20/2005 c8 17Silver Warrior
excellent ending to an excellent story. Are you thinking of a

sequel? If you are, I know I’d read it. And I love that line Methos

gave to

Duncan: “Figures you’d hit it off with him. You finally found another

Immortal who’s as much of an incurable do-gooder as you are.” You know,


can actually fit with almost any Red Ranger, especially Tommy, Jason,


and Wes. Or any Ranger, period, but especially the leaders. I’m glad

Wes/Alex and Jen were able to get back together. I just hope things

work out

for them. You know, as I recall, Connor Macleod got to spend his life


the greatest love of his life, Heather, and he never regretted it but


felt bad about the way they were never able to have a family. But the


way for that to not a be problem for Wes/Alex and Jen is either if


is killed, or he wins the Game, but that would mean that Duncan,

Amanda, and

Methos have all died. And what they said about the head hunting

Immortals is

true, but it also means that the ones they do run across are the more

powerful ones. Not that that’s much of a problem for Duncan who is one


the best swordsmen, if not the best swordsman, to have ever lived. And

Amanda has about two thousand years on her, and he’s been around Duncan


fair bit so she’s not defenseless. And Methos is, first and foremost, a

survivor. Kronos said that he always felt that Methos could be the last


them. He wasn’t the strongest, or the quickest, or necessarily the


but he was a survivor. He could live on where others would have fallen


perished. But Duncan is like that too, and its almost a prerequisite to

be a

Power Ranger, to be a survivor.
6/16/2005 c8 27Agent Xero
Aww, Camille, that was beautiful!

Brava! ::claps wildly!::
6/13/2005 c8 16robster72
Very nice ending! I'm glad Methos wasn't punished too much for what he did (it was afterall quite understandable what he did). I did like the trying to work what to call Wes/Alex! Very funny!

Also a nice little end about doing things now and not waiting around basically!
6/13/2005 c8 19Pairatime
Great story, I love that you have Jason, Zack, and Trini in it. that was cool
6/12/2005 c8 30Sierra Nichole

What a wonderful, happy ending . . . even I like those sometimes! Alex, Wes, Jen-they're all together in the end. I loved it.

Bravo, Camille, you've done it again

6/12/2005 c8 11Harry2
A very nice ending! I also liked what the courts did with Methos, having him review historical documents and try to make sure that they are accurate. And, seeing Amanda and Duncan together again with Adam was just like old times again! I hope to see MORE of these crossovers, maybe something in the past is jumbling the timelines, and the only ones who can correct it are a mixture of Time Force and immortals. Might be a VERY interesting story to read if you can get around to it!
6/11/2005 c8 34MzDany
You have done an absolutely wonderful job with this story! The way you have blended TF and HL and managed to keep all the main players in character AND weave them into a story with a great, believable plotline, lots of action, not to mention all the feelings and emotions...it was a total treat to read!

The part with Methos, Duncan and Amanda was a very nice HL moment; I also liked the bit where Jen is mixing up Wes and Alex's names, very cute!

It takes exceptional skills to write a story like that and as usual you are pulling it off with excellence.

I'm already anticipating your next fic...write quickly :)

Hugs from Dany
6/11/2005 c8 Giannola
Great ending, to a great story. And I'm glad things were able to work out for Alex/Wes with his friends and how him and Jen decided to give it a another shot. And I like how you brought Amanda into the last chapter, it's so like her to drop out of nowhere.
6/11/2005 c8 34germankitty aka Dagmar Buse
Very nice. :-)

Pity it's over - again. Hmph.

And I'm still sorry you didn't incorporate my suggestion about Geneva. :-)

So where's the next story? *ducks*
6/11/2005 c7 17Silver Warrior
well, I’m glad Methos is going back. Oh, and is this before the Time Force/Wild Force team-up?
6/5/2005 c7 34MzDany
wonderful, absolutely wonderful! The fight at the airport and its simultaneous conversation, was expertly written and very convincing.

My favorite line in this chapter:"Even after the picture of you I carried turned to dust, I could still remember your face" (happy sigh)

Oh, and as for your friends not having the decency of ever having been in Geneva: Should have let your story play out at the Frankfurt airport. I could have helped you out there...:)

Hugs from Dany
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