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10/21/2007 c1 MELISSA
8/25/2006 c1 4LivHardy
hmm he left her his hotel key? Cool update soon!
12/15/2005 c1 1steffi-weffi16

Why haven't you updated? This is turning out great. I would love to read more and i think that, judging by your 25 reviews for one chapter, other people want to read more to. So plz update! I want to find out what Robin's gonna do with the hotel room key... I know what i would do *wink wink*.. lol.. but seriously, i really hope you update again and really soon too.

6/9/2005 c1 Ana
I'm curious what's going to happen. Write more!
5/21/2005 c1 AnimeJunkie
AW THIS IS SO COOL! And John Cena is suck a F*ING HOTTIE! When you gonna review, girl? Don't leave us hangin'!
5/19/2005 c1 A.J. Cena
HOLY...lol. You've got to continue this story! I love it so far. Can't wait to see what happens next!
4/28/2005 c1 2Jeff's favourite skittle
Hmm...not bad at all...for an OC ;) I normally find them badly written, and John isn't my favourite wrestler in the world, but this was quite well done. The characters had some personality, and it was cute at the same time. A little unrealistic, but this is ff, so what the hell?

Keep it up, should be interesting as long as you don't head down the same path Andy went on her poster...

~Live 4 The Moment~

~Jeff's Favourite Skittle~
4/27/2005 c1 1SugaBoo
This is pretty good, I really like the plot. Do you really live in china town somewhere in New York? I've been there befo! Oh, just asking, well, upload soon!
4/27/2005 c1 wweadik
nice story i mean i so loved it! i'll be adding you in my fave author's list! anyways... u gotta update... i'll be waiting!
4/26/2005 c1 Perfect Imperfections
i love the story so far. I am looking forward to reading more when you continue. Keep up the good work. John and Robin seem like they will be really cute together if.. they get together. *crossing fingers*
4/25/2005 c1 Hanbangee
Coolness! Now you're focusing on John Cena? That's absurd! NOT! Anyways, it would really seem like that John Cena there in your story would entertain guests

until dawn! I mean, meet-and-greet-? You should have put something like, the first 100 girls, or guys, who came earlier will have a meet-and-greet- session

with John Cena. Don't get offended, ok? I still enjoyed it and of course, it called FICTION. And you've got a good humor yourself!
4/25/2005 c1 36FansofCenaton
Woah Baby!
4/25/2005 c1 4serendipity32k

ang ganda nito... lola...

(this is great, grandma!)

update please! from now on you can call me robin...
4/25/2005 c1 18Sailor Starlight Girl
Ha! Really good OC story. A little confusing for me, but I got it. I enjoyed the little humor in it and well, I wish that I was Robin -dreamy sigh-But I'll always be faithful to Randy and yeah. Great chap. Look forward to more.

Sailor Starlight Girl

PS: Feel free to read my Randy/Stacy fic too. If you like that type of thing. It's called, "Goodbye Isn't Forever" Thanks!
4/25/2005 c1 HelpingFandomsOneStoryAtATime
Okay look this is what's wrong with the story: Wrestlers, and most people unless they hire a prostitute, do not just give their key to some teenager they meet at an autograph signing. Can we say jail bait? You just made poor Robin a ringrat. Poor thing. Using the 'word' aight makes people like me flinch. The word is alright or if you prefer all right. Using slang is not cool.
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