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11/14/2012 c3 4kawaiigurl342k
Please continue this, I've been waiting forever!
11/15/2011 c3 2TheUn-AwesomeMe
Dammit, this is so good and I want to know what happens next-but is This discontinued?
3/30/2010 c1 IWasHereNowJesusChristIsMyLord

but life can be does that mean Sanji will cut himself when he feels like shit..?

guess I'll read more and find out..;3
3/18/2009 c3 bribri176
dammit whydja have to stop .
9/26/2007 c3 7Roronoa Emi
da na num!

this looks interesting. please continue. :)
4/29/2007 c3 1Deviliscious
Oh my...I am loving this! Why aren't you updating? Please, update!
4/16/2007 c3 7Kami Takai
R yah gonna make the next 1 soon? I really like this and want 2 c more...
4/9/2007 c3 15Everybody's Neesan
Please finish this; it's got me interested, and I hate not knowing the end of something!
10/27/2006 c3 RedHairShanks

*breathes in*

8/26/2006 c3 Bishieluv
Please update soon? I wanna know what happens next? Pretty please?
8/16/2006 c3 28sanjifanforever
Why is Sanji doing this? He's hurting himself!
8/4/2006 c3 5PEGASUS052087
Ok, I'm really liking this story and I was hoping that maybe you'd decide to continue it. But if not then at least let me know so I can take it off my favorites, I have to many and I'm trying to clear it up. So write back
6/24/2006 c3 Yuki Shiro
You have to update~! I love it, but gosh you left a big cliffy so that means you have to hurry or I'll explode! Seriously no joke I am going to so explode...or think I am. Tomarrow I'm going to my S/mom's band concert which is enough torture enough so I need something to look forward to. But for know I'll check out some of your or others ff's. So please update- I love your writing.

~Yuki Shiro
4/1/2006 c3 Shihoko
T.T Please update! It's been more then two months! I'm going insane in da membrane! @.@
3/26/2006 c3 AKi Hime
Hey did i write you before? Oh well I'm here to tell you that I loved ur story and that I want more. And if you would please get off your lazy ass and write! Cauze I wana see what happens dammit!
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