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for 777 A Split In Reality

2/29/2020 c61 10Tubagirl2007
Still one of my favorite stories to come back to! Keep up the good work, especially with Mom life!
11/9/2019 c61 Tubagirl2007
OMG! I can't wait for what comes next! How will Rogue react? What will the X-Men do? I need more!
7/31/2019 c61 16Sparkles66
I had this story in a list to read later for a while and I can’t believe I waited so long! Such an interesting concept you don’t see often and how it changes things and what stays the same
6/27/2019 c61 5Hotgirlow
I am so happy you updated I love this story so much xxxx
12/11/2018 c60 Jean d
you end when everyone is prgnite. Come on.
12/11/2018 c59 Jean d
I am surprised i did as well as i did. 95 prsint. Great one.
12/10/2018 c41 5Jean d
The destruction of apartment complex was a better choice in my opinion.
6/15/2018 c60 10Tubagirl2007
Another amazing chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
3/11/2018 c60 7ForeverTheWhiteTiger
I've been following this story since 2010 and have recently been going through my email and reading stories I've had notifications from from like forever ago and oh man have I been missing out! I'm so glad I re-discovered this story, I haven't watched X-Men Evolution in years and this fic has really reminded me of my love for it and the fandom as a whole, I even named my dog Rogue when I got her a few years back! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to this fic, it really shows. Hope you're well and to see an update soon!
12/25/2017 c58 10Tubagirl2007
Well done! I’m still loving this story and am always excited to see a b-new update and read it! Such a good story! Please keep up the excellent work!
1/6/2017 c56 5Hotgirlow
I am so happy you have updated this story it was one of the fist ROMY fics I read and u had me hooked from first chapter I can't wait to read more. Hope you had a great Christmas and very happy new year
11/14/2015 c55 Guest
10/23/2015 c55 shika93
10/23/2015 c54 shika93
Great chapter
10/22/2015 c48 shika93
Aww Good chapter.
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