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12/1/2015 c1 7the yellow flower
Ooooh creepy! By the end I was beginning to wonder if Erik was lying or not due to Christine's point of view. And wow, such brokenness from her at the end. Solid writing!
5/11/2008 c1 Madhatter45
10/15/2006 c1 20HDKingsbury
I'm normally not of fan of present tense storytelling, but in the case of your little morbid one-shot, it worked quite well. This was delightful. Erik was in his full, insane, Leroux-esque glory; and poor Christine, driven mad by the events. Very nicely done. I love a good morbid POTO story! Thanks for sharing this with us!

10/15/2006 c1 21PhoenixFlame6
Ehee! What a nice peice of morbidity to start off the day. I really like your story.

Setting it in present tense was slightly jarring...but it worked fantastically, giving it a slightly 'off' feel to match the craziness of the situation.

Also, gotta love Erik not being portrayed as a teddy bear with self esteem issues. Erik's psychotic and rather sadistic, despite his genius and his love for Christine...I do not see how this translates to the fanbrat ideal of romantic make-out sessions by the fire.

I hope to see more of your work!

- Phoenix
10/15/2006 c1 15The Scorpion
oohh! I like it! Very twisted-in the best of ways, of course! This is definitely going in the Dark Phic C2 group!
8/16/2006 c1 1Helden
Wow...this is beautiful.


Caroline Butler
12/8/2005 c1 Gwynevere1
I am always glad to find a fic that truly embraces Erik's madness and Christine's fear of him. Too many fics turn Erik into a schmoopy puppy. Erik isnt' Erik without the sadism.
10/28/2005 c1 MusicalManiac23
Yay! Raoul is Dead! *happy dance* Raoul is dead! Raoul is dead #coughs# anyway... I liked it. Very creative. But, if Erik hated Raoul, why did he sing 'grant them eternal rest'? I relize it's a requiem, but he HATED him. Other than that, the story made sense,had a great beginning, and had a happy ending. Yay, Raoul is DEAD! ^_^:-)
9/26/2005 c1 flames
nice! (thanks for the latin translation. I might take latin, but that doesn't mean I'm very good...)
9/9/2005 c1 74Erik'sTrueAngel
Wonderful! The madness Christine's slipping into was well done. Sent chills down my spine so it shows it was that good.
8/13/2005 c1 1Phanatic
...of course Raoul died long ago! He was already an incessant roting corpse in the dark dungeons. He was pale and pasty from when he drowned. The light of life in his eyes was only the water in his long dead head seeping through. Of course he was long dead: darling Erik would never lie...This is just a humble reveiw from an insane morbid little girl called Phanatic. I loved this story! So dark and comforting...

4/27/2005 c1 Dame
I just read yourstory about her turning the scorpion it's quite different ilove it.I feel bad sorta for Roual and Nadir and Roual is the one I can't stand.But it's very good.I enjoyed it.
4/25/2005 c1 6AngelxofxmusicXx
I loved it! Update soon! I can't wait to see what happens next! ^_^
4/25/2005 c1 34SperryDee
Is there more? Please tell me there's more!
4/25/2005 c1 4Provocateur
I liked how you used a lot of ambiguity in regards to whether or not Raoul had indeed died. Christine's thoughts of insanity fit in well also. You succeeded in keeping Erik in character as well. He was smooth and rational, yet absolutely bursting at the seams with violence and psychosis. You have imitated the tone of the book expertly. I felt Christine's horror and desperation, as well as her eventual resignation to a cruel and unjust fate.

It was dark and morbid, but skillfully done. Brava!

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