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10/12 c139 Tirana
10/12 c139 Joanna
wow, what an emotional, epic chapter. i loved it!
10/11 c139 22Carrie2sky
Oh my goodness, I loved this! I adore Vaderkin fussing over Luke-what he should wear, getting Yahoo on the Executor, and worrying about him with the pilots.

I keep wondering if Luke will slip up and actually call Organa 'his Snippiness," LOL! I smiled too when Vaderkin said that Luke was not sorry he had ruffled some feathers. Like father, like son. And then when Vaderkin threatned Zev...it was like he was full on Vader! It's interesting that everyone notices that Vaderkin takes up so much space, and air, ha ha! He still has a very commanding presence to be sure. And of course he's going to 'dote' on Luke. How can he not? Everyone sees that too. Makes me smile.

I love how Luke wanted to show his father the flower. It's very symbolic. I'm so glad that Vaderkin has Luke, because I feel that together Vaderkin can become new person-not the Suit, nor Anakin exactly, but someone in between...just be his own person and free from evil Palps!

Is Vaderkin changing the plan again, slightly? I think it's good because they need to face Palps together.

Aw, Luke cried! That pulls my hearstrings, but dad Vader is there to comfort his boy. I love touching chapters such as these! I think an interlude from Vaderkin's perspective would be great!
10/11 c139 40Courtesy Trefflin
I loved Vader giving Luke the last-minute instructions for what he needs to do in preparation for tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that the confrontation with Sidious is really so close. Lol. I’m not really surprised that Vader decided he needed to eat dinner with the officers to smooth things over and ensure that everything is perfectly ready. Of course, the pilots find Vader very intense even if he is more Anakin than not now. Lol. He wouldn’t be Anakin if he *wasn’t* intense. It’s why I love him so much. - Vader fretting over Luke and the pilots remaining safe because of the important role they have to play was… sweet. Luke wanting to show Vader something and running off to find him, despite Vader’s instructions to stay put, was hilarious. I loved Luke showing Vader the flower! I’m not even surprised that Vader is struggling so much; after everything he’s been through, he’s going to have some serious mental issues. I’m so glad that he’s willing to open up to Luke about his doubts and questions. Luke’s right though. Now that Vaderkin has shared his fears, Sidious can no longer use them against him. The ending was so sweet, and it would be cool to see something from Vader’s perspective now! I loved this chapter so, so much! :D
10/11 c36 MoonAllergen
Did I stay up till 2:00 in the morning reading through 36 chapters of this masterpiece? Maybe. MJ, thank you so much for writing this blessing. Honestly, it's been a while since I've become so engrossed in a story.
10/10 c16 MoonAllergen
When Luke called Palpatine "Old Ugly" and Vader made an "odd choking sound", XD. This is such a fantastic story, I can't believe I'm reading this sixteen years after its publication.
10/5 c138 Tirana
I loved the meeting. :D Though I wasn’t expecting Vader to say that he had a chip in him. I get why Luke wasn’t happy about it, but I kinda agree with Vader in this case. How did I never even consider how Vader would feel being out of the suit like that for the literally the first time? O.O
I can’t wait for the next chapter! D
10/4 c138 22Carrie2sky
Wow, this was a very interesting chapter! The little bit of flirting between Vaderkin and K'riade was funny. She really has the hots for Vaderkin, doesn't she? As predicted, Luke was not happy, LOL!

And then they get down to business. I love how Vaderkin politely puts Organa in his place. Vaderkin lets Luke interject whenever he wants *grins*. And Vaderkin put a very interesting spin on the whole chip thing. He brought that out of the blue, and hit Luke with it. And Luke knew that it didn't ring completely true, and then they have their little conflict. I feel for Luke because he's so torn between loving/pleasing his father, and not agreeing with everything he does. It's a tough place to be in. And to make people think that Anakin could have been controlled by a chip is a very interesting strategy. But I can see why Luke takes some issue with it.

Also, Luke came to very interesting theory about Vader's suit. I think he could be right and it gives Vaderkin some food for thought. I like that he's feeling like his old self, true self, really.

I had to laugh at the whole cuddle thing. Of course Luke would feel embarrassed by hearing it out-loud where someone might hear them, but he wants to cuddle too. And then Luke's joke about the lightsaber in the pocket-oh my goodness! And Anakin's reply which made for a really awkward and funny conversation between them!

And yep Luke, you will never get the last word in ever around Vaderkin.
10/4 c138 joanna
Ooooowww how i loved this chapter! lies and not-really-lies, all the fluff and the serious stuff together. I truly enjoyed. Thank you!
10/3 c138 40Courtesy Trefflin
Vader must be quite pleased with his renewed ability to make people stammer and fangirl over him. Lol. Somehow, I’m not even surprised that Vader and Bail aren’t really getting along very well. I really wonder what Vader’s plans are for “neutralizing” well… himself on live holonet. That will be cool! Honestly, I’m really glad that the pilots are there because they’re like the common people, in a way. They’re not leader, and they don’t care much about politics. Vader mentioning his childhood as a slave was undoubtedly deliberate, but I’m glad that he’s able to address it so… openly, given how he’s still technically a slave under Sidious. The idea of Vader having a chip in his brain is horrible (but I still may or may not have made that happen in at least one planned fanfic), so I’m glad that he made that up, just to generate sympathy. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Palpatine actually considered it sometimes, what with Vader’s not-so-secret tendencies to rebel and be disobedient. I’m not surprised that Vader ended the meeting shortly thereafter so he and Luke could walk around on Yavin and talk about things. I love how Vader is reacting to being able to see and touch plant and animal life again! I wish we’d been shown how Anakin had first reacted to such things, especially water, after leaving Tatooine. I love that Vader has a new lightsaber! And that he’s feeling like his old self again. It’s awesome to see him so happy and content! The idea that Vader’s suit acted in such a way so as to inhibit his Force abilities is really interesting. I’ve heard that Anakin lost his potential after Mustafar, and I think that the only reason it’s true for him, is not because of the lost midichlorians, since he’s literally half-Force, but because the Force doesn’t flow through metal the same way it does organic material. But it would be cool if you make him able to achieve his full potential in this AU! I can’t even believe that Luke accidentally blurted out something so cringy. I need a lightsaber to clean my brain now. Lol. I loved this chapter so much! :D
10/2 c137 Tirana
I hope Luke is right about no one dying, but I know that’s not entirely realistic, or is it? :D
Luke is hilarious in this chapter. XD
Yay! The plan is finally starting! Now I am nervous too. :D Cuz I have been waiting for this for… a year or so? Not that that can compare to Vader’s lifetime wait. ;D xD
I loved Vader’s greetings to the pilots so much. XD
I can’t wait for the next chapter! DDD
9/20 c137 22Carrie2sky
Nice chapter! Luke's attitude about guarding Bail was just too funny! He can be such a lovable brat! Of course he's going to dress up, because why would he do anything less? He just has to be showy! And he's smart which he has to show off too when he was talking about checking for listening devices and everyone is in awe! Oh Luke, you are too much like your dad-Anakin, LOL!

Then Vaderkin makes his very dramatic entrance (that's where Luke gets it from). I can just totally picture his outfit! So neat that father and son have similar looks. It's so great that Vaderkin feels happy and confident-and Luke can pick that up. And they got their father/son hug, and all is right with the world. And everyone is jaw struck by Vaderkin, no surprise there. They have no idea... I love too how Vaderkin makes his requests more like commands, LOL! He still has that way about him. Luke is so happy now that his dad is with him and who can blame him?

So many funny lines and quips, I can't go through them all, but just know I love them!

I can't wait for the next chapter because I feel like things are really gonna happen-hopefully good things, but I'm nervous too!
9/19 c137 3Lecordonbleu28
AGHHH YAYAYY DADKIN MET FRIENDS! Woo! So INCREDIBLY excited! Fog and happiness and FASHION oh my! One of my favourite parts of this story is definitely the fashion, oh my word. 10000000/10. Beautiful story, as always! I can’t wait!
9/19 c137 40Courtesy Trefflin
I’m not even surprised that Luke is stressing about which of his friends might/will die in the coming battle. That’s always been Anakin’s problem too. I almost feel bad for Luke, being assigned to escort Bail around. Lol. Luke intentionally dressing as fancily as possible (and in blue) was epic! You’re portraying how tense everyone is, especially giving the coming attack against the Empire, perfectly! I think it’s a bit hilarious that Luke thinks he’s just babbling, when he’s really not, because he did raise good points about long-range spy devices. I love Vader being more Anakin than Vader! He is the best! I may or may not have nearly screamed hysterically (out loud) when Vader’s ship showed up at the base. Lol. I have been waiting for this moment for what feels like centuries. xD Vader really does love his dramatic entrances! Father and son reuniting once again was the best! I’m glad that Vader got to officially meet the pilots. (I can’t stop grinning rn. Lol.) I can’t wait to see what will happen next! I loved this chapter so, so much! :D :D :D
9/19 c137 Morriganna
Isn't Zev General Veers' son?
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