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4/7/2002 c1 4Jackson
::gibbs u ah thumbs up:: Good job! write more! ::points at you none too threateningly:: An' dats an order!
1/6/2002 c1 glaivegirl
11/18/2001 c1 FallenAngel
Yes, it's wrong, but it's pretty good! I look forward to reading more!
7/4/2001 c1 15JupiterHalo
This was a very good prologue, and I hope that you'll be adding more to this story in the future. I'll be sure to read it. ^.^
6/16/2001 c1 rc
Good beginning. Not many fanfics on Mermaids, and even those tend to center on Yuta exclusively. Hope to see more... but it's been a while since the last chapter... so I hope it isn't dead yet :)
4/30/2001 c1 8CrystaL Rose
Hey! A mermaid saga fic. Yay! These are rare @_@. Keep writing, I love the direction it's taking. *sigh* The romance.
4/4/2001 c1 Kiran-chan -Keeper of Heero's Spandex and Holder of Taichi's Goggles
Nice job, I luv'd it write more soon pweese o' pweese. I'll steal Heero if you don't -*Eyes the spandex clad boy*-
3/30/2001 c1 ManaChan
I love it! I want more because it's really really good! Please continue!
3/29/2001 c1 Kalastrina
Please write more Mermaid Saga stories. You are very good at them.
3/27/2001 c1 Mars Zero Silver Flare
kawaii! I have been waiting for someone to write a Yuta and Mana fic! Thank you! I will be waiting for more!
3/24/2001 c1 Kit-D
*cheers* Nice job. *runs around laughing like a baka* Gomen, um I loved it *pleads* :More - More - More: Ok I've calmed down now. *smiles innocently* We need more Mermaid Saga fics in here let alone anywhere else for that matter. *sighs* I guess I'll just have to wait, oh well. *hugs sis* Write more soon. *waves bye*

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