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for Silence

7/25/2007 c2 LunarWolf255
Hey Arielle.this is ariela from FIT.c'mon,finish this thing already!its great so far.this is one of those annoyig stories that are really funny, but they've been abandoned in the middle!please continue!
1/15/2006 c2 3Rikaku
Oh! Cool story! You know... I don't know why people haven't tried to review this before. It sounds interesting. They're probably just the tiniest bit lazy. I know I can be...

Anyway, consider this a sort of thank-you (not to mention I got to read part of your story) for reviewing my own story!

Hope that you can update soon!

9/9/2005 c1 kimberly
i love the story please continu the story ASAP
7/12/2005 c1 Hijintetsusou
Keng: Nice story so far

Psyco . : Ya if you like OW! What the hell was that for Keng?

Keng: For being a @$$. Sorry bout his attitude, he gets really moody when it comes to no sleep.

Psyco . : Who ya calling moody ya pain in the @$$?

Keng: (punches Psyco in the get. he tries hitting me but I dodge. in a few minuter everything's in flams)

Just congrats on...(strikes him down) the story...(dodges a kick in the ribs)! See ya... later, it's getting ruff in...here.

" You are so going down Psyco" ( hits him were it hurts) -WINNER KENG- buy
5/19/2005 c1 Dark Hanyou Inuyasha
DHI: I'm a DOLT?

Ragan: Yes you are

DHI: *sighs and logs onto his game*

Ragan: Jerk...

DHI: I heard that!

Ragan: Oops

DHI and Ragan: UPDATE!

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