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12/7/2007 c2 theoneandonlykaorin
Hey, maybe she just wants to copy Naruto Uzumaki's style...Believe it!
8/11/2007 c5 Selryam
Very, very nice fic. I loved it! Good looks into their personalities. But, there's not one for Chiyo-chan? Well, I imagine she'd be the hardest to do, but... Ah well. Awesome in general.
7/28/2007 c5 3Taiyo Seiyuuki
1/16/2006 c5 6TheTrueWolfBrother
Hmm...I can see Kagura being a person who´d rebel against being told she can´t do something ( then again it´s the same with Tomo)

You have some part of her in here, but you´re lacking that which I think is the biggest part of Kagura.

That she strives to do better, to be the best.

Which is why she runs so much, and why she challenges Sakaki all the time and that she almost goes over the edge striving to be the best.

And yet still there´s a vague, hidden flaw inside her that taunts her that she can never be the best.

And this flaw is of course there partly because she constantly loses to Sakaki.

( Although she did win once. The marathon :)
12/16/2005 c5 ADF
Can't wait for the next one, these are very sweet. I enjoy how you get such complex characterizations from such a simple theme.
11/21/2005 c5 6Tally Solleni
AWESOME story! This is possibly my favourite Azumanga Daioh fanfic. Everyone is perfectly in character.

The only gripe I have is a very, very minor one- I 'd say that Kagura's socks are periwinkle, not purple...other than that, great job!
11/11/2005 c5 Meee
Just read this, along with Osaka's and Yomi's...they're amazing ! Lookng forward to more.
11/11/2005 c5 hurpdurpppp
As people have said, this story is perfect.
11/11/2005 c5 4Pete Zaitcev
The socks connection was pretty good and it did not feel artificial. And the overall interpretation was plausible.

The language and the design of the chapter look suspiciously similar to the previous one (which happens to be Yomi's), especially towards the end. I would think about adding some personality, or, failing that, switch to 3rd person. Sakaki and Osaka were sufficiently different.
11/10/2005 c5 5Steeple333
Wow, this is really good~ The purple socks... I didn't notice. Or rather, I didn't see purple socks. Purple. That's a funny word. ^_^ It's derived from Latin, though.

Still, pretty good. ^_^
11/10/2005 c5 6Section-Eight
Absolutely, positively, perfect.

Strongest point: incredible focus. You picked one idea ("why is she so determined to win?") and dedicated every line to developing it ("she wants to prove to herself that she can.").

Weakest point (and I'm really reachin' to find this one): "sailor uniform." I'm thinkin' "school uniform," since I dunno, the direct translation of sera fuku sounds silly.
11/10/2005 c5 8Riana1
Perfectly in character and perfectly in culture. Bravo.
11/10/2005 c5 8Michael P Hopcroft
Well! Once again a little glimpse - this time into the past and the forces that drive Kagura. It gives me a sense that she is, despite her flaws, a strong and confident owman who has already conquered the darkest of her demons, the things that held her back.
10/23/2005 c4 5creativewritinginc
this is really good! it seems a little serious for the crazyness level of the characters, but it's really deep.
10/17/2005 c4 Mr.Shizzle
I have to give you points of originality. "socks" it catches you off-guard, but it makes so much sense...

Great read, keep'm coming...
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