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for I Really Did Love You

7/8/2005 c1 1Raygen Gambit
I haven't read it yet but i can tell it's going to be awsome, so i just printed it out, and going to read it 'cause i got to get offline!

5/4/2005 c1 Russia Rivers
I liked the poem lots and lots! It made me laugh though coz i could just imagine Nicolai fervently scrawling away in a room lit by a single candle at his side and constantly having to push back floppy strands of blond hair falling into his eyes. It was great!

Cant stop thinkin about that dream Karin had. ha ha "Ilove you! Yes, I love you!" Oh, that scene was a classic.

Poor Nicolai. I think he really did have a heart, but was just consumed by the darkness of the soul pact he'd made with Astaroth.

Love them Shadow hearts games, cant wait for Shadow hearts 3: from the new world, it would be hilarious if Nicolai popped up in that on too...but he's dead as a door nail so maybe not.
5/3/2005 c1 1Mistress-Of-Twilight
Omg, I LOVE it! I've just become a Nic/Kar surporter, and this fiction just made me into... HALF of a Nic/Kar surporter. ~Tries to clean out the Yuri/Karin surporter out of self.~ Anyway, I look forward to R&R'ing your actual Nic/Kar FICTION. ^_^ Much love! - Bleh. x.x
5/1/2005 c1 Emire dei Maestri
That was fantastic! I watched my mom playing SHC for the second time and watched this afternoon the scene where Nicolai tells Karin that he loves her again. T_T Evil Karin... how can she not change sides? Or Nicolai, why he's such just a jerk and trying to do things that are completely idiotic. Argh...

Oh well, as I said above, the poem is really great. And, I would love to read your FF about Nicolai/Karin. I hope you have time and everything to write on it. (Time's another evil thing in this universe.)
4/30/2005 c1 PL16
I still haven't played Shadow Hearts and I have no idea what characters you are talking about ^^0 but I reviewed anyways because your my friend. Wow, ^^ this poem was well done and expresses a lot of feeling and thought. Like Tiger, your a good writer. This was not horrible, not one bit. When I do poetry it always sounds crappy ^o^ lol. I'm considering on buying that game but I need to find out which one should I get since I hear there are 3, I think, not sure. Good job Redena! If you check my profile out you'll notice I have a Tenchu fic in progress and its gonna be specially dedicated to you since you asked me a lot to do one plus we both support the ayame+rikimaru couple ^_^.
4/30/2005 c1 2Angel-chan2
Ahh, I just love Nicolai/Karin. ^_^ What frustrates me is that Nicolai never switched sides; if he did, I'm sure that Karin would never have had to live through the pain of her unrequited love. Argh, it was frustrating to watch. :P I see I'm not alone in my thinking, though. ^_~ I look forward to reading your actual Nicolai/Karin FICTION. ^_^
4/29/2005 c1 Nothinghere11111
Nice poem, glad to see more contributions to the small fandom of Karin/Nicolai, they do make an awesome pair ^_^
4/29/2005 c1 8Parallel-Blue13115
Yay for the Nic/Kar fans! I'm so happy to see more for them. ^_^ I loved the poem and it wasn't horrible at all! I really do hope to see more from you.

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