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8/19/2014 c14 ReaperNunnally
I know you're not finishing this, but one thing - when a child is adopted, even if their birth parents come back, they won't be able to go back. The adoption is final. The child can choose to go back if they are 18, I think.

Anyway, it was nice while it lasted :)
4/3/2014 c14 MischievousCupcake
Oh god, this fanfiction is a true masterpiece. At least from my point of view!
I liked how cruel it was, and how it changed! it's really an emotional fan-fic.
It's truly amazing how there are yaoi fangirls, Otaku's, all sorts of things! and oh my, Kingdom Hearts too!
This fanfic has like, everything! It makes me wish more and more that I was born as Anime character, but I'm happy with my current life also though. I got kinda disappointed when I saw that it was both published in 2005 and that it was last updated in 2005.. I looked at your profile and saw that it's because you're busy, heck, I don't even know if you're using this account anymore after all these years, but I hope you'll be able to read this anyway at least! I may write things in a random order, but I hope it'll work out anyway lol
There are some words that are spelled wrong throughout the fan-fic though, but I know that it's because it's such a long fan-fic and you can't always spell everything right then!
In overall you use a lot of different English words in the text and your grammar is great!
I don't really see any other bad thing about the fan-fic.
Actually, the misspellings are kind of funny so there's nothing wrong about this fan-fic at all, I only find good things in it! I'll miss this fan-fic so much.. and then I really mean much! it's the greatest fan-fic I've read so far!
I usually never take time to review any fan-fics because I really suck at giving feedback, but I just wanted to write how grateful I am to you for writing this amazing fan-fic! I hope that someday, you'll get motivated to finish this! or no, I never want it to end! it would be great if it was and never ending fan-fic! (sure wont happen lol) I guess I'll have to read your other fan-fics then in the meantime, since this one isn't updated yet! I truly hope that you'll get motivated enough to continue this because reading fan-fics like this makes myself motivated to want to be able to write things like this myself, and to continue to read! My talent is drawing, but I want to be able to write too.. that's something I'm not really good at but I'll try to get better until I am better at it! I know I have blurted out maybe too much personal views on this fanfic and on unrelated things, but it's just a bad habit of mine. -Hugs her tightly- thanks again and stay awesome! Thanks for taking your time to read this if you ever will! Bye!
10/31/2013 c4 5no-longer-active-thanks-tho
Ripped my heart out,stomped on it and gave it back in pieces...
8/5/2013 c14 3green-is-not-a-creative-color
Omg... I wasn't suspecting Sakura, I thought it would be Risa's friend. That was a really good twist, and I love twists! And with Daisuke's dad... gah! I love Emiko! Please don't make him leave her! I think it would also be good if Kosuke was homophobic! I love the story!
3/31/2013 c14 4YuugiYY
MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE, NOW NOW NOW! THIS IS TOO GOOD TOO STOP! That sounded weird, I'm always thinking like that
8/19/2012 c12 icedragon435
oh my god I love this story! XD I would be laughing my ass off if it wasn't 4 o' clock in the morning... lol
3/2/2012 c14 1so-adorabloodthirsty
:'( no updates makes Sarah sad... It almost seems like Dark is using him I know he loves him but he's a bit too... sex-driven I suppose. Like they don't just kiss without Dark being a perv.
5/23/2011 c14 12Takara yume
OMG! It was Sakura! Well I originally thought t was her or Himeko, kinda doubted on risa...damn, well theres also a new problem, I had a feeling this moment was coming soon! LOL! Hopefully things'll get better~ update soon~! XD
5/23/2011 c13 Takara yume
Ha! I knew it! It was that damn himeko girl and Risa behind all this! XDD nice chpater although everything seems a little too rushed for me...=w=""
5/23/2011 c12 Takara yume
OMG! The p.a was on! LOL! XDD

It just keeps getting better and better~ XD

Awesome job! XDD
5/23/2011 c10 Takara yume
LOL! Such a cute chapter! I love it! XDD
5/23/2011 c9 Takara yume
hee-heee nice chapter all though the development seems kind of rushed? I dunno. anyways great job~
5/23/2011 c8 Takara yume
Oh damn. screw riku. seriously. Great chappie~ yea~ it was dark who slept with him~ XD
5/23/2011 c7 Takara yume
OMG! is it dark? or some other random stranger? :O

*quickly moves on to the next chapter* great job on this one~ ^o^
5/23/2011 c6 Takara yume
Woot! Nice chapter~ yea~ Daisuke finally makes friends~ but why do I feel that it would get worse? nice chappie~ XD
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