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8/1/2006 c14 Gakuen-Tenshi201
I Luv It! Update soon!
7/13/2006 c5 mintin
i love you lover
7/10/2006 c14 dark sailor saturn
no u have to update it... im lost with out it
7/8/2006 c14 1xXShadowedfateXx
Yay another story sucessfully read today and I absolutly love your story.
6/29/2006 c14 3Pinapple-Pocky
NO He cant leave Dark...wa!
6/29/2006 c11 Pinapple-Pocky
its a good story. I like it keep up the good work
6/20/2006 c14 2Cloud Shadow

just want u you to know i love your story, even though im a die hard krad/dai fan...

oh, and i thought u should know i found a story that, for the first few chappies, is almost exactly the same as your story... so you might want to look into that. it was called daisuke's love.
6/19/2006 c14 Black rainfall
you must update! POOR DAISUKE!
6/19/2006 c9 Black rainfall
hehehehehehe XD ROFLMFAO I loved this chapter ^_^ Dark is so mean to daisuke XXD
6/9/2006 c14 2darkmoonfairy16
NO! please don't let that man take Dasuke away he finaaly got Dark and is happy please I am begging you don't let that man take him away!
5/31/2006 c14 15Iluxia
4/24/2006 c14 nkdsanklsandl
Wah! How can you leave this like this? I heart this story! It's definitely one of the better Dark/Daisuke ones I've read and I love how you pull out an insanely glompable Krad. It amuses me. I also love the yaoi fangirls and how you portrayed the fight in To-to's office. That was amazing. Please! Continue soon! I wanna know what happens!
4/6/2006 c14 1Solar Angel
WOW... I mean holey cow! I have just got to know how it ends. PLEASE write more.
3/30/2006 c14 Lady-Nv
! y0ur st0ry k1ck$ @ss!

h0pe y0u wr1t3 m0r3 wh3n y0u do

1ll be sur3 t0 1t
3/27/2006 c14 FallingStAr10487
you haven't updated in a long time whats up? I'm gonna cry! -runs off and crys in a corner and crys some more and looks back to see if you updated- =starts balling-
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