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7/18 c6 3Padmus-Orion-Black
Hello, judging based on your statement of giving Zandramas Advice, Im going to guess that the Hooded man is Beldin.

My first thought was Belmakor or Belsamber, but they both destroyed themselves and never met Zandramas, neither did Belkira or Beltira.

I also eant to thank you for the amazing story.
5/17 c6 12Maloran
I do hope you get around to doing a rewrite or update. As it turns out, Setras, the Styric God the Alciones are actually connected to in the series, does show up in the third Tamuli book. He's the one trying to paint a sunset... by freezing the galaxy said sunset exists in time.
5/4/2010 c1 10Jaesten
I was estatic when I found this story, those novels are some of my all time favorite and I do hope that one day you'll update this story soon, especially considering you've started updating your others.
10/7/2007 c6 Jjvalour
The only ones who could be the figure is one of the other 2 brothers(I forget their names), the ones who destroyed themselves, as they are the only disciples of Aldur that are un-accounted for, and we know that it is one of the disciples as he referred to the others as brothers.
6/11/2007 c6 MysticDragonfly
Love it!

please update soon!
2/4/2007 c6 Melanie Malfoy
This is one of my favourite fictions.

I relly hope that you will update soon.
12/6/2006 c6 2Raya Knight
oh my god i love your story! it's so awesome! i've never read one of these that was so well written before! and the "why me" scene had me in stitches on the floor. Please review! Raya Knight
8/29/2006 c6 SanctumSyte
I love this story and hope that you will update soon. I agree that eddings created may similarities between the two leaving a possibility for a crossover. Your story is very well written and I cannot wait for the next installment. So please do not abandon this story.
6/17/2006 c6 32GenkaiFan
Interesting concept. Please update soon.
5/13/2006 c6 Nights Silhouette
A super story. I cannot wait for your next update. You are a great writer.
5/11/2006 c1 luschor
Hey great fic. Is the evil person Belmakor? The one of Aldurs chosen who killed himself? Great fic keep writing.
4/9/2006 c6 Rayna
This is an absolutly amazingly brillent story. The Belgaried and Mallorean were the books that got me hooked on Fantasy. I have read them at least 30 time and still read them and The Tamuli and Elenin twice a year. I have never read a better Fan Fiction in these to Fandoms. I hope you have more soon.
2/25/2006 c6 67everlovin
Yes! Another chapter! Keep them coming!
2/24/2006 c6 Mr Mee
i love this fic, but please update faster, there was a HUGE gap between the last couple of chapters
11/22/2005 c5 8S'TarKan
Very interesting. Garion seems a bit morose, but with the love of his life dead it makes sense. Question: Why wouldn't he try to revive her?

Anyway, interested in seeing where this is going. Garion seems so overwhelmingly powerful that I'm not sure what could challenge him now...
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