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4/30/2019 c3 10Missroxy87
This fiction is amazing. So well written and so realistic. I love it, it’s always a pleasure reading these chapters.
Ross and Rachel deserves a happy ending like this more than any other couple.
11/13/2014 c1 Guest
Oohh i just love pulp fiction.. seriously writers of friends were crazy about die hard but for me it doesnt hold a candle against pulp fiction.. coolest dialogues ever
12/16/2012 c3 TwirlyButera
I liked to read this very much, thanks for posting. I think the end's so inspiring. "You were worth the wait." brilliantly written, for sure!
12/21/2005 c1 1schnoodle4
I support ChandlerRachel
11/10/2005 c3 Donna-Marie
This was an absolutely great story. No need to feel you rushed the proposal, it was perfect! Looking forward to more stories from you.
8/3/2005 c3 1KitsuneChan8888888
that was a great fanfic! its exactly how i would have imagined it would happen. keep on writing!
7/22/2005 c1 Kirei na
I absolutely loved the first page. you can tell that you are a huge "Friends" fan because of all the little detail. you are such a good writer. the one thing i didnt really like that much is how much emma could talk. i didnt think 3 year olds could talk that much but i could be wrong. even if she is supposed to be smart. which was a good idea. but anyway, good job!
7/11/2005 c2 4vosa

well firstly I can't believe I didn't review this one..

probably because I was too lazy to log in :-))

Anyway brilliantly written..

and while reading this my head was nodding in that Joey way Saying "Nice"

And definately not vulgar or anything; it was simply perfect
7/5/2005 c1 9Knilb17
Is this going to continue? I can't remember if you said you were done with it or not. Very nicely done, either way :-)
6/1/2005 c3 belle-pche
Wow. I read all the chapters and I absolutly loved it. I've read, all sorts of fan-fictuion and I'm a huge Friends fan (R/R in perticular) and I was amazed at the fact that it never crossed my mind to read a Friends Fan-fic. Your the first one I have ever read. You are very talented and I love your writng style. I hope there are most fics that you have writen, because I would love to read more of our work. Thank you for posting this for every one to enjoy.

Absolutly love it,

5/8/2005 c3 4diehardRRfan
you're welcome for the other review. :-) once again, brilliant chapter. i never thought of doing a proposal in central perk, that was cool. the writing was superb and you actually made me cry - a difficult task. so, i LOVED this story, cant wait to read more of your stuff...
5/6/2005 c3 1just perfect
great chapter.. it did seem a bit rushed but it was still great.. i really love how you had ross propose.. and on mother's day too.. thats soo sweet.. great chapter.. i cant wait for your next story.. i know that it will be just as good and maybe even better
5/6/2005 c3 93rachgreengeller
i am so in tears ... beautiful and touching so appropriate it would be at central perk... now they are engaged yay can't wait for wedding stories.
5/5/2005 c2 8FriendsAddict
Aw:) I can't wait for more! It's so sweet...
5/3/2005 c2 1just perfect
great chapter.. im soo glad that you updated.. i cant wait to find out how ross proposes.. update soon
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