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6/10/2018 c2 Guest
I honestly am very confuse if Shuichi is a boy or a girl and Aizawa is raping a guy or girl
10/17/2011 c4 Yuuki Heartfilia-Dragneel
interesting i enjoyed reading it!
4/19/2009 c1 Gothic Anime Lover
Truth be told I'm torn between ctying andd going out on a killing rampage... I reall hete Akizawa... and I'm glad you have both Hiro and Yuki trying to protect Shuichi... OFF TO READ MORE!
2/2/2009 c4 BLANK2010
Awesome story! Hope you have kept writing!
2/2/2009 c3 BLANK2010
Wonderful death scene! But, just as a little tidbit, it would have been awesome if before Tohma shot Aizawa Yuki grabbed the gun and did the mutilating himself.
5/21/2007 c4 15TheHamsterInMyMind
This was... interesting... VERY interesting. (^^)"
6/20/2006 c4 1ahsie
=_= nice...

==_== really nice~ beautiful fic~ =_=

now im goin to bed, coz i had stayed up to read this.

feel like yuki now, needs sleep. =_=

4/24/2006 c2 jfbj
poor ppls
4/5/2006 c1 3NixieShimo
Heh Heh. I'm logged in now. I love your work. It's so well written. It's kindof funny because the two fics you have are about my two favorite animes in the world. Descendants of Darkness takes first place while Gravitation comes in a close second. A new fav. makes its way onto my list.

Forever a loyal fan

2/26/2006 c1 5smile78mtl
From the Anime, when Aizawa and the thugs cornered Shuichi, the thought of him being rape did cross my mind. Yet, I would never imagine him going through it again, and be so obedience. Somehow, I portrayed Shuichi would fight back and tells Yuki or Hiro about it (If the fact that he was rape before, then it wouldn’t be news to Yuki, Hiro, or Toma.) He’s such an idiot.

In regards to your mental state; I have no comment. You’ve put some very wicked thoughts in writing and I enjoyed it. Thank you for your work. – 2/26/06
2/11/2006 c4 10CosmicEssence
Last chapter was very good as far as i'm concerned so although you may have 3rd person issues they didnt particularly show. As for your 'serious problems' mental wise i had actually thought at the end of chap2 that Aizawa should get shot in the groin rather than outright killed so i guess we've both got something to work on. I mean lighten up i really enjoyed reading this and it was far better than you seem to think it was; a few mistakes and missed out words but no ones perfect! the different POVs were excellent and i like when people do do the differnt angles, a few details like god in heaven being 's/he','Buddha' instead of 'Kami' etc. made this piece more than just a throw-away and Mika/Tohma's possible interpretation over Eiri wanting Hiro's address, despite being obviously wrong to all other characters, was perfect :p
2/4/2006 c4 6itsasledgehammer
omgomgomgomg! This was amazing! I LOVE Gravitation, and the only episode I would change is 6, and how all of that went. And I guess some of 7 that went with what happened in 6. You know? there just need to be...more of that. But this was amazing!
8/25/2005 c4 10Ashcat
Wow.. very angsty but good! I think you did a great job for your first posted fic, please write more gravitation and post!
8/14/2005 c4 4lunasun72
THAT WAS...WOW! i really really liked this! this was really WONDERFUL! the emotions, feelings and other things that i can't think of at the moment were wonderfully written, as well as the fic itself! this was just... wonderful...yes a little sad and i could've swron my heart stopped a few times, but... hey, this was just fabulous! well, great job, and since you did so well...i think you deserve a Hiro, Shuichi, Yuki, Ryuichi and Mr. Bear plushies! once again, Wonderful job!
7/16/2005 c4 1LadyofTheBlackWings
Good job. YEAH! Taki got what's coming to him and about time too!
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